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5View Netflow, 5View Service Data Manager

Strong incumbent, but risk being seen as too static.

Generally good, but the vendor is beginning to seem slow to innovate. For example, we'd like to see experimentation with cloud-native InfoVista deployments to determine if they're viable or otherwise.

5View Applications, 5View Mediation, 5View Service Data Manager

Very professional and reactive support

Very professional and reactive support. Good interaction between support and development teams. They can help us for the troubleshoot, for the upgrade version, for the installation of new probe or new server. The company adapts to the language.

VistaInsight for Networks

Great customer service and solution recommendations.

The POC went better than expected for both off the shelf and custom solutions. Integration of new devices was straightforward.

VistaInsight for Networks

Implementation process was successful.

We had a good experience with InfoVista. During the implementation process, they were always worried about all our requirements were met. They also provide us recommendations on how can we take advantage of new features of InfoVista.

VistaInsight for Networks

The tool requires sophisticated integration but provides exceptional results.

There have been some hiccups because of the size of our system being monitored.

5View Service Data Manager

implementation and integration process was long. The cost was high with a number of limitation of what can be created and develop, a process to seek confirmation from oversea R&D resource and professional service team was very time-consuming.

long process to integrate to define the solution as they main R&D is in Europe. There also a lot of limitation in the way how the report can be created and modify in the future. Expertise from their R&D and professional service team does work well together.

5View Netflow, 5View Service Data Manager, VistaInsight for Networks

The tool is powerful but requires some performance enhancement tuning.

The product is multitenant and multivendor but is extremely complex.