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NetBrain Enterprise Edition, Other...

Implementation was Easy, Great Tool!

The team at Netbrain was helpful and the training classes were great.

NetBrain Enterprise Edition

Great features and functionality, but configuration learning curve.

Product functionality is very good. As are the features. The configuration interface/tools are not the most intuitive. There is definetely a learning curve with getting the product to do what you want, but the vendor provides very good training and help.

NetBrain Enterprise Edition

NetBrain is a timesaver and very powerful for all sorts of daily tasks and troubleshooting

NetBrain has been a great addition to our tools arsenal. My team uses it daily, and it has sped up troubleshooting of network issues and helped with the rollout of changes to the network. We can dynamically map our network with quickness and must ease to reduce problems with changes that were not updated manually on our other tools. We have used NetBrain to help monitor changes and find problems much quicker than ever before. We can do real-time traffic flow and search through all of our configuration files on all of our devices in seconds. We can create groups of devices with particular settings configured incorrectly and fix them with relative ease. NetBrain tool is becoming not only a tool we use in our daily use in the Network Section, but across other departments that need access to what NetBrain can provide in data, location, and devices connected to the network. Our documentation of the network, changes, and reports have never looked better. Have tools able to do quick builds of inventory right down to the port level of a switch is a time saver when devices go down, and you need to replace items. If we have any issues, NetBrain is quick to respond with their support team to any question and always willing to work with my staff on a topic that comes up or using the tool to do more for us than they intended.

NetBrain Enterprise Edition

Implementation was easy and system has been a reliable tools ever since.

Overall experience has been excellent. Installation and upgrades have been flawless. The system provides reliable monitoring and documentation of our network -- just as advertised. Online training programs have been very useful to our network team.

NetBrain Enterprise Edition

Netbrain. Great tool for monitor and maintain a complex network.

Netbrain software provides a simpler way to manage our complex network. Network engineers emphasized a network tool was required to facility troubleshooting and having a graphical view of our network. Netbrain was selected since it proved to be a mature application and it was recommended by several colleagues. The implementation was extremely simple, the software is very efficient identifying network devices and creating an accurate dynamic network diagram.