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Nothing too innovative or fancy, however it gets the job done.

As a vendor goes, Riverbed provides the experience you would expect within a large IT organization. Account team is responsive, technical support is adequate, and the product works. Initial engagement was timely and done onsite. Ordering process was efficient, and post install support and follow up available. The tool is used in a support role and is not directly customer facing, which definitely impacts expectations.


When visibility is key!

Riverbed has built a stable of products to acquire telemetry from multiple sources, and tie the details into a comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting platform. The breadth and depth of the product lines are awesome, but complex when tying all the pieces together. A generalist with broad knowledge of applications and systems is the best person to start building, the Riverbed solutions. The generalist will quickly need to bring appropriate SME team members onboard to dive deeply into each of the technology areas Riverbed touches. We use the Riverbed tools when the other tools in the organisation do not provide the visibility or granularity to actually fix problems.


Very capable product; no HA options yet.

Full-featured platform; great capabilities.


Fairly easy implementation, ongoing work on our side helped realize the ROI.

Solid product that produced immediate returns. A fuller ROI entailed significant commitment on our side to realize.


Great reputation doesn't always mean satisfied customers.

Not satisfied at all.