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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor

Lower Cost Monitoring, Reporting, and Configuration Tool

Solarwinds gets the job done. It's reporting services need improvement. Solarwind's support is very limited. They do have a recommended third party that can be contracted to help optimize the system. Solarwind's sales team is very aggressive. This was not appreciated.

Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds NPM allows us to track our device uptime and be more proactive in the IT dept.

The implementaion was very smooth and the reporting tools and alerts allow the IT department to b much more proactive.

Network Performance Monitor

Plethora of applications to fit all your IT needs.

Solarwinds teams are highly trained, extremely efficient and pleasant to work with. Follow-up is excellent without being annoying and stay involved to completion.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Easy to install but costly

application was easy to install and configure. Cost is high for certain modules.

Network Performance Monitor

As complex as you make it

Great community knowledgebase

Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds implemenation.

Great product, fantastic customer support system except for time to reach help desk.

Network Performance Monitor

Happy with NPM & NTA deployment

We are very happy with our Solarwinds deployment which includes three dedicated polling stations and the network traffic analyzer module. The installation was simple and routine upgrades and patches are available on a regular basis. The integration of Syslog and individual nodes has made it very simple to isolate and resolve infrastructure problems.

Network Performance Monitor

Met our needs

Well designed product, easy to use

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds, solid product in Mode 1

this vendor has very good customer support, a bit of an overly aggressive sales team and strategy. The product is good, but feels a bit antiquated and slow to really embrace analytics, automating and machine learning types of trends.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds deployment

Very easy install and initial kickstart, however much slower to get the eventual detailed and useful data that we wanted. Need to set expectation that it is not completely turnkey and assign a staff member to focus their attention on this for a few months.