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Network Performance Monitor

Good tool for basic network monitoring

Did the job.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Great company with lots of great compliance offerings

I liked the sales guy as he was very good about following up and getting me answers to my questions, getting me on a call with an engineer, when he couldn't answer them, etc. Vendor support is great and the sales teams will give good discounts on large purchases.

Network Performance Monitor

Get Buy-In from other I & O groups prior to implementing

Product was great and provide visibility to what we needed to monitor and be proactive to potential issues (i.e. be alerted and able to proactively resolve these potential issues before it derails our business). One thing to watch out for is to get buy-in from the various I & O groups (servers, virtualization, networks, security, etc) prior to implementing

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor, Other...

Implamentation was easy, but you must go to website to get upgrade path prior to planning

I have upgraded this product several times over that last 5 years, as long as I review their website before I plan, I am always provided with the upgrade path for each version, and it takes into account all the modules I have installed. When I have support issues, they are really quick to assist me and I have always been able to resolve the issues quickly.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor

Maintenance can cause issues, but Support is great!

We had some maintenance issues, but support is always available and very helpful. Top notch customer service!

Network Performance Monitor

SolaWinds NPM Offers Window Into our Network

Sales associate along with sales engineer worked diligently with our organization to implement. Tailored program to our needs and environment. We would implement something and then the vendor would follow up.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor

Good product with very rich list of features and good user interface

easy UI, predefined logic and knowledge, information corelation

Network Performance Monitor

Solarwinds, top in it's field for network awareness

The product is vital to running our operations and knowing what's going on w/little effort because of the combination of dashboards and email alerts.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Network Performance Monitor, Other...

Great product supported by great people

Great to work with, very specific to this field.

Network Performance Monitor

Reasonable license terms. Product captures NetFlow data well.

Reasonable license terms. Product captures NetFlow data well. NetFlow is a feature that other all-in-one packages were less mature so, we went with a point solution to this problem.