4 out of 5 (3 Ratings)

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Easy to deploy network performance and SLA monitoring tool.

In general the application is fast in install and deploy. The company support was helpful when we needed assistance with the configuration and understanding the data.


A good product for Operational Staff, but product development is slow.

Overall Statseeker is a good eyes on glass product. It does what is says it does and provides quick information to our operational staff. That being said product development seems to have stagnated over the years and new features in the latest releases appear lacking compared to competitors products.


Works great.

Statseeker has worked very well for us. The management effort and time needed for care and feeding is about as low as it could be, which is very important given our staffing levels. It is usable by all levels of the IT organization with minimal training. The support teams have quickly resolved the few issues that have come up.