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MariaDB Server

A fast implementation and a great support that helps you always

- The implementation was very fast - Great support and very friendly service - Savings and High Availability -A fast implementation and a great support that helps you always

MariaDB Server

User friendly

Have good support about issue esclation

MariaDB Server

Implementation is easy and Need more Master slave sync features

I like that Master and slave architected technology, replication and failover features in MariaDB.

MariaDB Server

Fast, light, and reliable

It is fast and feels light / unbloated. It's also easy to install.

MariaDB Server

MariaDB feedback

- Very light weight software - Very stable

MariaDB Server

Implementation was easy

Good future prospects

MariaDB Server

Outperforms incumbents and exceed all our expectations!

MariaDB is an extremely innovative emerging database that we have come across in recent years. Despite being relatively new in the DB market, MariaDB has shown that the new kid-on-the-block can teach the old boys (such as Oracle / DB2) how to do things right! Under our stress and soak tests, the performance of MariaDB has beat all our incumbent database servers and outperformed our expectations! With some of the new engines that MariaDB is rolling out, such as ColumnStor, it just opened up a whole new bunch of possibilities which were not possible in our transactional systems!

MariaDB Server

MariaDB database was comparable to Oracle in terms of performance

MariaDB Team is extremely helpful to provide support for any related issues.

MariaDB Server

innovation is cool and at the same time very cost effective

MariaDB and MaxScale has together helped us to split the RO and RW load very effectively. MariaDB is very willing to improve their product and add new features to it as and when we require. We are very impressed with the MariaDB ColumnStore that comes as part of 10.2 and we are planning for POC. The PL/SQL parser that comes with MariaDB 10.2 makes the stored procedure migration from Oracle to MariaDB seamless. With MariaDB columnstore some of our analytical workload will move to MariaDB. Some of the complex query when run on MariaDB is faster than Oracle DB. So far we have migrated 5 applications from Oracle Database to MariaDB and we found the performance is at par or better. When compared with Oracle DB, the cost to run MariaDB is 70% cheaper..... Lastly the collaboration that we have with MariaDB foundation and MariaDB support is very fruitful. Response time from them is acceptable.

MariaDB Server, Other...

Big improvement over other storage engines

With MariaDB ColumnStore, we were able to improve the performance of our multi-billion row tables. MariaDB's ColumnStore storage engine solved both a volume and scale problem within our environment that allows us to seamlessly handle both current and planned increases in workload.