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Microsoft SQL Server

Implementation was easy.

Relaible product

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Server great choice for SMBs with lean IT SaaS model

The abundant online self-directed training materials are invaluable. Vendor commitment to platform for own products compelling.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 - Store your database with ease

We had little to no issues implementing our SQL server. Attaching the database/importing all of its content was straight forward. Overall we are very satisfied.

Microsoft SQL Server, Other...

Management Studio 2016 is on- point

As an end-user new to this application, I am pleasantly surprised by the ease of getting acquainted with the functionality of the product. I have worked with other applications where there were always things that you wished the application would/could do. I have not yet run across this issue yet.

Microsoft SQL Server

Implementation quite successful

The product is great and the migration to the new version has been going smoothly and consistently. Minor compatibility problems between versions that caused extra work

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

SQL Azure provides scalability and performance for minimal cost

They've met their SLA and continue to improve the product as the years go by. It'd be nice if they'd settle on a UI for the management portal and quit re-writing it. The support incidents we've had have been thorough and all have been resolved. Their twitter account is also useful for support when outages occur.

Microsoft SQL Server

Easy to learn

Has allowed us to get to the data and the descriptive analytics side of things. It is also our leading tool to create the structure for our prescriptive analytics. Has been very easy to use and understand.

Microsoft SQL Server

Very stable and secure

Its been in the company since a long time and we keep upgrading

Microsoft SQL Server

The Sky Is The Limit!

We have been using SQL for a long time and will continue for a long time. Excellent user base as well as premier support makes this an easy choice for the many developers we can hire from the candidate pool.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server - known quantity and good at its job

SQL Server is a known quantity at this point and provides the vast majority of the enterprise features needed for compliance, along with deep integration into existing processes, procedures, and development tools. Installation is straightforward, the ability in newer versions to use the AlwaysOn configuration greatly enhances the ability to do business continuity planning, especially in virtualized environments, and especially in a hybrid scenario where the BCP site is a Public Cloud provider. Microsoft as a vendor is great to work with, and with our Enterprise Agreement and support we generally get a knowledgeable person on the line within the same day, both to assist with production issues as well as issues that we face when running into a problem during the initial rollout/deployment phase. Internal client team was happy with the solution, as it provided a significantly more secure environment for their data types than the previous iteration of the environment.