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Oracle MySQL

Easy to install and good documentation

Easy to install, good documentation

Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL

Easy to implement and use

Stable solution and ever growing versions.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database for Data Warehouse and Experience with Oracle vendor

There is little interaction with the vendor, except for occasional support, which is good. When involved in certain license transfers from an acquired company it becomes tough. Vendor is not flexible in the migration and made the process hard and time consuming.

Oracle MySQL

Implementation was easy; a new feature was added (secure_file_priv) that was activated.

They have a proven track record and produce timely updates and releases. The enterprise version has additional capabilities that the open source version does not and they provide support.

Oracle Database

Software was great but expensive. Too many add on features licensed separately.

Great product, but licensing cost model is complex and expensive, especially with add on products. Was less happy with their consultation services - overpriced and not very skilled. We ended up doing most of the implementation on our own

Oracle Database

The migration is success. The export/import process of moving to new version is slower

This is a migration project from Oracle 11g Database to oracle 12c Database (64bit). The migration process went fairly well despite the slowness of Oracle Export and import database process.

Oracle Database

Implementation was cumbersome, but in the end it was successful

Support is hit or miss, but overall the application is solid

Oracle MySQL

Implementation was quick, smooth transistion

very helpful, knowlegable, assisted us with decision making

Oracle Database

The only reason to migrate was that the previous version is out of support.

Installations scripts are broken as they have been since my first experience with Oracle 4.x The suppor organisation is essentially useless, once we had a proven easily reproducable bug, we provided a simple test proogram reporducing the issue, this was never resolved thorugh support, we only got action when we worked through perosnal contacts, and eventually reached the product manager, who agreed that it was a bug and promised that a patch would be provided, once we got the patch it was still broken (Oracle claims that it works with 12.2 (which has not been released) ant it was the backport that went wrong) Now we are using our own workaround. The only reason for us to migrate is that V11 is out of service and a large part of our customer base still require Oracle, we will migrate to Postgress ASAP

Oracle Database, Other...

Oracle and Java work well to provide a scalable service oriented architecture.

Oracle does a good job of meeting the needs of our organization. We have been implementing a service oriented architecture using Java and Oracle, and both have done a good job of maintaining performance while our business needs have changed.