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Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

Redis Labs makes clustered, scalable Redis with persistence a reality.

Easy to deploy. Largely maintenance free. We get fast throughput while maintaining persistence for key systems. Low operational footprint. Engineers work easily with the Redis command set.

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

Think Redis, but MUCH better.Great dashboard, performance,easy to scale and great support.

We were running Redis for a long time in our infrastructure but had the challenge of handling sharding as well as improved redundancy so we can scale. After testing the product we saw it has amazing performance and managing it was very easy. Since we already had the know-how of working with Redis, this was a drop-in replacement that helped us scale.

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

Works well and support needs work

Good product which works well. Engagement is new so we cannot comment on failure modes since we have not seen any yet. Support is difficult since most support requests get answered 12 hours after asking, and then read the next day -- this can lead to multi-day support issues which are actually simple problems.

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

implementation was easy and quick. Rollout to production worked the first time

Customer service and solid implementation of the technology.

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

Extremely easy to integrate into our existing architecture.

Redis Labs has a great team! We've had zero with the clusters since we've installed them almost a year ago.