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What are Personalization Engines?

Personalization engines apply context about individual users and their circumstances to select, tailor and deliver messaging such as content, offers and other interactions through digital channels in support of three use cases — marketing, digital commerce and customer experience. These personalized interactions can increase conversion, marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction, thereby improving business results. Personalization engines are sold as stand-alone software or can be embedded in web content management, content marketing, multichannel marketing hubs and digital commerce platforms. This market focuses only on vendors who offer personalization engines as stand-alone solutions.

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"Adobe Target Analysis"

An awesome tool for A/B testing on the websites, In our organization we are using this tool for A/B, experience testing for our core websites and it is super easy to use. Its integration takes lots of time and required some sort of training before start using this. Its reporting feature is awesome which tells how many visitor seen the particular experience and provide the winner based on the report.It provide testing for both form based and visual based which is great as a developer.Easy and friendly interface.

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"Eаsy tо use, greаt returns!"

We соntіnue tо run vаrіоus а/b tests whісh enаbles us nоt оnly tо іmрrоve but аlsо tо аvоіd lоsіng роtentіаl сustоmers hаd we just mаde the сhаnges wіthоut testіng.

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"The Perfect Partner to Enhance your Ecommerce Offering"

Monetate have been a key partner of ours for around 2.5 years now, helping to progress our website testing program from nothing to over a new test a day on average for the past 12 months. The customer support team are always ready with case studies or experiences to support potential tests and ideas, and their tech support help to enable the tests if they're a little outside of the box. Our only frustration is "the ability to do things 101 ways" in Monetate, it can sometimes be difficult to train people or advise on best practice as there tends to be more than one way to do something - but it's by no means a deal breaker.

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"Awesome and user-friendly personalization suite that inspires you for more"

Awesome and user-friendly personalization suite that allows for a multitude of personalization approaches.

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"Great product, has helped increase our revenue."

Great software, its capabilities have increased our customer knowledge and improved our website by taking all the output from the database created by the app; this leads to a revenue increase by selecting the most used products in our website and personalizing the experience.

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"OneView-Integrate all customer centric data into one common platform to derive insights"

Oneview provides ability to collect data fro different channels and put them under one single platform that can be used to drive various campaigns related to marketing and sales for an organisation.It helps segment customer based on AI and machine learning smart algorithms that allows to target the customer in various segment according to their behaviors, interactions and history of interactions.It also gather customer views based on chat assistants, online surveys and post transaction feedback and help with analyzing these results to provide insights to help increase customer engagement

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"Well built algorithm to have powerful personalization experience "

This is a workflow-based personalization engine to achieve effective marketing and campaign needs. The algorithm is well structured to understand the behavioral and contextual triggering of the campaigns. User profile data analysis is well conducted to obtain a targetted audience. API service can be implemented to import and export the data. User documentation is well explained with workflows. It has the capability to deliver a powerful customer experience.

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"Interaction Studio is great and customizable product!"

My experience with Salesforce Interaction Studio has been great. The support team is knowledgeable and has a good response time. Our integration is not a normal case, but they work with us to make sure that we can provide our customers with the best user experience possible. Interaction Studio as a product is flexible and adaptive to allow me to customize the user experience to whatever I need to reach our project goal for customer onboarding capabilities.

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"Create campaigns that execute quickly & make an impact!"

Overall, our experience with Insider has been extremely pleasant. The web push campaigns and onsite personalisation have yielded great results so far, and we look forward to insider helping us scale our business further. When we signed up for Insider, we had great expectations, and we're very please to report that Insider has surpassed them. Insider has helped us with our lead collection campaigns significantly- it supplements our other marketing activities. For example, working with Insider has helped us bring back customers who dropped off and abandoned their carts.

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"Best Consultant Ever"

Our consultant has been amazing. She bends over backwards to help us figure out how best to set up the modules we are trying to use to create a personalized experience. Trying to keep a balance between keeping C-suite happy and allowing the tool to work as intended.

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"Reflektion is a great recommendation and search optimization tool"

Reflektion provides our company tools to make logical, helpful product recommendations to our customers. It facilitates A/B testing and has a variety of recipes to find the right formulas for our needs.

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"Great Multi-Channel Marketing Platform"

Emarsys Marketing Platform helps to deliver the predictable and profitable outcomes as per our business needs. Emarsys is an great customer engagement platform, Here we can send the campaigns to unified customer data.

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"XO. The orchestrator tool which is easy to setup, easy to use with good results"

The implementation was a breeze. We could quickly setup the code to implement the tool. We had help from the developers while setting up. Which helped a lot to get XO up and running in no time. After some initial supported setups we where able to create new types of cross and upsell ourselves. Copying over various websites works well and when we want to try new ways of providing the best cross or upsell options to our customers we can always talk to our CSM to help us out if we get stuck. After implementing the tool we could see what percentage the tool attributes to our revenue. Which we validated to be correct. The increase in revenue exceeded our expectations and after the initial setup XO left even more room to improve and generate more revenue.

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"Smooth roll-out and Implementation"

Acquia has been very helpful in guiding us through the implementation, setup and roll-out of Acquia Lift. Their quick start approach helped us get up and running quickly while obtaining valuable insight and data into the personalized campaigns we've turned. We are still in the infancy stages as it relates to web personalization and are moving quickly to act on our strategy.

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"It Helps Your Customer Interaction"

It has greatly improved the quality of interaction and communication between our sales representatives and customers and prospects alike. We send the right offers to the right individual and personalize the messages with the help of IBM Interact. We now convert more leads and build trustworthy relationships with clients using the software

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"Optimized software with accurate reports."

Site personalization is a platform that has allowed us to work on generating experiences of satisfaction and personalization to all our customers, the platform to be high technology gives us unique capabilities to develop high potential content to attract the attention of new customers, retain them and solidarity relationships, the tool is very easy to use, has given me a great work experience, has generated much comfort for the completion of my work, I am really satisfied.

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"Probably the most complete testing & personalization suite, with very few drawbacks"

Oracle Maxymiser as a technology is a very complete tool that allows you to do any kind of testing or personalization - and only has 2 minor downsides in my view. One of them is the difficulty to set up some tests, which is harder than some competitors and another is the reporting where some standardized options are not available due to the way the engine is built. However, when grouped with their excellent support team & engineering teams it easily becomes one of the best solutions money can buy.

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"Extremely versatile testing platform with exceptional customer service"

SiteSpect is truly world class. Their testing platform is the best I've used (and I've used many) - it's extremely versatile and innovative. There is no flicker or page flash, which a lot of other competitors unfortunately can't avoid. To top it all off, they have absolutely exceptional customer service and they listen to their customers - they're always striving to make things better and better and actively encourage user feedback. I can't say the same about a lot of other testing platform companies.

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"Great product for fashion eComm + support from dedicated team!"

We've been using's product tagging since 2019 and it's been helping us improving operations KPIs + sales + data standardization. We really enjoy working with their team and 100% recommend using their product especially if you are in eComm and looking for a way to cut operations cost + improve data accuracy.

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"Natcore Smartech Web Personalization Review"

My experience using the personalization engine by Netcore was great. Our business case was to build an onsite capability to convert users who add the product to the cart but do not proceed to buy. This personalization helped us reduce the sales lost due to cart abandonement.

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