Privileged Access Management Solutions Reviews and Ratings

What are PAM Solutions?

PAM tools help organizations provide secure privileged access to critical assets and meet compliance requirements by managing and monitoring privileged accounts and access. PAM tools offer features that enable security and risk leaders to: • For all use cases: o Discover privileged accounts on systems, devices and applications for subsequent management. o Automatically randomize, manage and vault passwords and other credentials for administrative, service and application accounts. o Control access to privileged accounts, including shared and “firecall” (emergency access) accounts. o Isolate, monitor, record and audit privileged access sessions, commands and actions.

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"I feel privileged to have the support of Secret Server."

I have been using Secret Server for years and I can say with confidence that this program is among the best among its competition, the management that it has allowed me to have over the years has been highly effective, bringing me good benefits in my work department, I have control that I need all the operations of my work and the new sales that are generated during the day.

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"CyberArk Privileged Access Management solutions a real solution."

CyberArk Privileged Access Management solutions, gave me a very varied and dynamic experience. It has functions that are designed to serve virtual environments thanks to its functions, I like that because it shows that it is constantly innovating and offering new ways to unify existing environments. Undoubtedly, a software that has a lot to offer and that has been constantly renewed to provide the most up-to-date management of services.

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"Solid and smart privileged access management system"

Iraje is a fabulous privileged access manager that guarantees that only the appropriate people have access to our privileged accounts and IDs. It also manages our privileged access passwords and other credentials for us, giving us true peace of mind. Accountability and scam prevention are aided by session archives and video footage of every privileged user interaction. I like it because it maintains a single repository of all admin accesses and activities for simple auditing and excellent compliance. I switched to it because due to my last tool our Business had suffered from significant financial losses and reputational damage. Iraje has saved us from all these losses by giving a solid privileged access manager as well as Individual responsibility and an audit trail is also provided with this system to demonstrate that regulations and rules are being followed.

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"Easy to set up and maintain"

It is critical to secure our server access, and this tool provides the best way to do so because it supports OTP-based authorization as I work on a project where ARCON is primarily used for deployment. As a result, ARCON simplifies the deployment process furthermore, when we need logs to check for errors in our services, ARCON is the best tool to obtain those log files. From a technical standpoint, I would say it completely meets our needs. The deployment is actually quite simple, and it's simple to manage and troubleshoot. If necessary, the database can be restored in a matter of minutes. There are some fantastic features available that make it a worthwhile addition to any business. ARCON provides high security which was the main concern for us.

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"Secure your credentials now without any complexity."

ManageEngine has the ability to optimize the placement of granularity password settings as well as the storage of granular credential settings. It's tough to find where the complex password criteria should be set, in my opinion. Generally, we are pleased with the ManageEngine platform, which is more influential than others due to its ease of setup and administration. As a result, the entire solution is web-based, which means you won't need to install the application on your own pc, but you will need a webserver to execute it.

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"Remote Support User Group August 4 session"

We have used the Remote Support product for several years, but when the lock-down came into effect due to the pandemic, it has become an invaluable tool for our helpdesk. The Live Chat has been a fabulous option, instead of the tradition phone queue that we can't access from home. Would really like to see a session offered on interfacing with Apple devices as this is a userbase that is growing in our environment.

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"The best Remote Desktop Management software I've found"

RDM is impressive software. There's a ton of depth to it, but it's easy to get started without any prior knowledge. The interface is friendly, customizable, and can be as simple or as complex as you want it. The free version is still incredibly powerful and will work for most users, but the paid version adds even more functionality. The fact Devolutions listens and is truly engaging their customers is also a huge plus; many of the customer thoughts you see that are written in forums, reviews, or feedback are weighed, considered, and many end up making it into the product in some way. The amount of add-ons, ability to connect to different sessions, integrate documentation with your systems leads to a more productive work environment. You can use RDM as a platform for automation, and Devolutions is right when it can help 'control the chaos'.

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"BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management Adds Major Security for Your Company"

We set up this product several years ago when it was called Power Broker. Setting it up took some time, but was not as difficult as we suspected. Implementing it allowed developers to have the privileges they needed without making them a local admin. Our tech admin team now uses their regular user IDs for all but the most sensitive admin tasks. We have no local admins on workstations or servers, and use our domain admin accounts vaulted in CyberArk. This has created much better security and helped us pass government audits.

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"Complete PAM tool for credential and certificate management with full audit capabilities"

Our overall experience with senhasegura has been quite satisfatory so far. Through the PAM platform we were able to proper manage all connected devices in our network infrastructure, from endpoints and switches to firewalls and servers. The use of the tool is quite intuitive and simple, and we never had any complaints from users regarding its usability. It is possible to easily obtain evidences of all actions performed (including video generation and action logs). The granularity of privileges offered by the tool is one of the best we've ever seen and adapts to a series of scenarios and use cases in the organization.

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"Excellent stable way to integrate Linux to Active Directory"

Used this as a Linux Admin at my former job (university) to integrate my Linux servers into our AD environment. Our CIO wanted to have users have a single sign on across staff, faculty and students to reduce the number of passwords people have to remember. Installation is pretty straight forward and can't say I never had a single problem with it. In fact, if you are integrating this with Windows Active Directory your Windows Sys Admins will be doing a lot more work than you. Pretty straight forward product.

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"One product to fit the needs to support multiple Operating Systems"

We are very satisfied with BeyondTrust to provide remote support for both Windows and macOS devices. The ability to support all different types of clients from one pane of glass with the ability to group computers into security groups so only giving techs access to certain ones made it the perfect fit for our organization.

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"Modern PAM solution "

Wallix is one of the most advanced PAM solutions that we evaluated bringing all the functionality we looked for combined in one package. The architecture permits to replace existing jumphost environments as the solution enables next to credential sharing and management also full session management.

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"Capabilities/Features for the cost is excellent."

We rolled out Password Safe within this past year as our company direction required us to start using a PAM so our domain accounts were not privileged and we were long overdue to do this regardless. We looked at a few options like Thycotic and CyberArk and the capabilities included for the price led us to choose BeyondTrust for the initial costs and ongoing support costs. Its been a pleasant experience overall and i would suggest this product to a friend, especially if budget is a major factor in the decision.

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"The leading PAM solution"

the solution is very capable of priviledged access control, the real market leading solution, compared to other vendors looks very strong

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"EPM Secure"

EPM is a great tool in the present organization. It helps us to monitor all the applications that the users use and give priviliged access.

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"Advanced Unified Software Platform to combat Insider Threats and Data Breaches"

Very Sophisticated PAM service from Symantec to secure public, financial, proprietary data against the cyber threats and breaches. It can work with similar functionalities whether the resources are on-premise, cloud or hybrid architecture and able to segregate the access with the help of zero-trust access model and Treat Analytics which uses Machine Learning which is very much important in present demand for date and applications.

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"One Identity hits it out of the Park!"

OI-SG has made the ease of managing privilege accounts a breeze, With the all in one box, no need for additional resources, the OI-SG appliances were very straight forward in standing up the environment needed for the size of the info sec team, but very scalable to manage larger organizations.

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"Effective remote access software. "

This software allows to connect all primary uses from a single well organized dashboard . Single login until the programmes are shut . It i=unifies wireless access technology in order to allow single sign in across all application .

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"Solid solution for secret management"

HashiCorp Vault really is the best in its class. Having used other secrets management tools, HashiCorp has really made Vault easier to use in cross compatibility function in a environment which is of multi-cloud or hybrid in multiple fashion. Many tolls solve a single problem like encrypt data bags but do not help with cross application compatibility. This is so easy to integrate in whole setup that you do not have any secrets being exposed. And this also give us a standardized process which make the environment more secure.

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"Simple, Strong and modern approach to Privileged Access Management."

From past 2 years we are using Sectona's Privileged Access Management solution and the overall experience is very satisfactory. Also, the solution is easy to use and manage and the support policy is also up to the mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

helpWhat are the core capabilities of Privileged Access Management tools?

PAM tools control privileged access for machines (systems or applications) for internal or machine-to-machine communication, and for people who administer or configure systems and applications. Some examples of core capabilities / features include:

  • Discovery of privileged accounts across multiple systems, infrastructure, and applications.

  • Credential management for privileged accounts.

  • Session establishment, management, monitoring, and recording for interactive privileged access.

  • Controlled elevation of commands for Unix/Linux and Windows.

  • Secrets management for applications, service, and devices.

helpWhat does deploying a PAM tool require?

Deploying a PAM tool properly requires two major things: A clear understanding of where the privileged accounts are (with a roadmap to secure them) and organizational process change to maximize the effectiveness of privileged access controls.

helpWhat are the best practices for Privileged Access Management (PAM) deployment?

One of the top drivers for PAM is to protect the business by reducing the attack surface. To succeed in PAM goals, organizations should focus on the following practices:

  • Track and secure every privileged account.

  • Govern and control access.

  • Record and audit privileged activity.

  • Operationalize privileged tasks.

helpHow many approaches are there available for privileged access management?

There are three distinct tool categories that highlight different PAM solutions. These categories include privileged account and session management (PASM), privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM), and secrets management.

  • PASM: Passwords and other credentials for privileged accounts are actively managed, such as being changed at definable intervals or on the occurrence of specific events. PASM solutions can also manage (rotate) credentials for service accounts.

  • PEDM: Specific privileges are granted on the managed system by host-based agents to logged-in users. PEDM tools provide host-based command control (filtering) and privilege elevation for servers while they can also offer features for file integrity monitoring.

  • Secrets Management: Secrets management is often used in agile environments such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service), or container management platforms. While it manages and stores credentials such as passwords through APIs and software development kits (SDKs), it can also provide application-to-application password management (AAPM).

helpWhat do Peer Insights reviewers recommend to implement PAM solutions?

Peer Insights reviewers share their experiences and highlight what advice they would give to other prospective customers. Below are some of the top recommendations:

  • List key PAM requirements across business units and obtain executive sponsorship.

  • Choose a PAM tool by balancing the required combination of use cases and conducting POCs.

  • Foster PAM skills prior to the implementation of the tool.

  • Modernize the existing IT stack and leverage the expertise of professional services to deploy the tool.