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What is PPM Software?

PPM software providers covered under this market definition aim to support the selection, planning and execution of a variety of different work packages or containers, including, but not limited to, traditional projects. They often fold in collaboration and communication capabilities and allow work teams and project offices to report, monitor and identify course correction in resource-intensive project and work environments. Providers included in this market offer these capabilities directly through their own products, but frequently recognize that specific integration points may also be needed to connect niche tools or data sources. The PPM capabilities identified as essential or critical include: • Project demand management • Project planning and management • Time management • Resource management • Resource capacity planning • Project portfolio management • Project collaboration • Program management • Reporting services • Security and user management • Integration • Usability

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"Smartsheet delivers ... easy implementation, quick adoption, excellent customer service"

Smartsheet is a robust product hidden in what appears to be an Excel lite interface. That almost instant familiarity for staff in our organization seemed to liberate them to experimentation and exploration seldom seen when introducing new products. It's important that all staff who will be using Smartsheet go through available video trainings and a "success manager" led onboarding session (s). Due to how easy it is to get started, you may misinterpret that Smartsheet is lacking capability; however, that is not the case. In fact, some of your staff may quickly try to convert everything to Smartsheet Expect a disruption in process as people begin to realize the power of the product. Depending on how you'd like to use Smartsheet - there is a need for planning and devising certain standards in the organization. We saw an explosion of sheets created across our team - as different staff raced ahead creating various sheets there were no standards in how they named columns (fields) - some would use "Comments" some "Notes" or some used "Assigned To" and others "Contact". When we began creating Reports (views), the lack of standard naming became an issue. This is a product where the users will easily outpace your attempts to create content (templates), standards etc. You likely will not necessarily want to shut down this initiative and excitement, but you should expect a pattern of uncontrolled growth resulting in issues followed by policy or process improvement then normalization and back to uncontrolled growth. Rinse and repeat. Rely on your Customer Success Manager.

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"Best project management tool"

While working on my project management degree i came across several project management tools that help accelerate workflow to easily create processes and concentrate in all the diferent areas that management need to take care of. Toools like Gannt Pro helped us create Gantt charts easily, but it missed integration with other programs. Office 365 has come again with MS project and MS project online, integrating the best of office 365 with the tools needed for project management. Project management is integrated not only with Office but with everyother project manaegemt tool in the internet. This makes it the go to app to create any type of project. The tool can be a little overwhelming but it has it own tutorial that explains the basics of it. You can create flowcharts, timecharts and amazing ghant charts. All the platform is completelly intuitive, and if for example you need to make an assigment as part of another one, you just drag it and it will be conected by itself. The best part is that you can customize everything to your country and workplace preferences including work calendars, schedules people involved etc. At the end every process can vbe saved or printed out and used as a guide to continue with your project. I do believe that office is bringing all this tools to not only simplify our workflow but to help us achieve better results

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"our working life is now more simply "

we start to use Wrike to have a support in our project management , wrike has been more ! we've implemented in all our engineering offices plus production , quality , logistic . 1 single tool that is now used from everybody at all level in our company

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"Best project management tool"

Best project management tool. Good and supportive customer support. Loved their quick response and their knowledge. They know what they are dealing with

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"A must have project management tool to keep us organized"

Wonderful product at a very economical cost. A must have for any function in an organization that eases the project management work

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"Microsoft Planner is an agile and lightweight task and project management tool"

Microsoft Planner is ideal for organizing teams that share tasks to complete a common goal or project. It offers a set of features ranging from organizing and assigning tasks to different users to checking for updates on progress. Using it with all Office 365 applications provides a valuable experience that streamlines workflow and improves team productivity.

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"Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!"

Teamwork are a very customer focused business. They continually strive to improve current features and usability as well as listening to their customer base to develop new features.

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"one shop, full stop in P3M solutions."

An integrated suite of products, Clarity PPM, especially with the new user experience (NUX) provides leading edge in P3M.

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"Interaction with Office"

My experience is satisfying because the project is an excellent tool for developing timelines for personal and corporate use. What brings a great experience in my opinion, is the fact of having a strong interaction with the office package allows you to copy information from Excel directly to the project.

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"Absolutely amazing platform for everything project management and beyond."

Absolutely fantastic platform for everything from project management to service desk ticket tracking and analysis. Not just a project management platform, is more of a productivity platform for all your businesses processes.

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"Workfront Review"

Workfront allows us project managers to quickly plan projects using templates and assign a team to each of them, as well as configure tasks, subtasks, deadlines ... I can synchronize all of this with other teams and specific calendars. Worfront project management includes a review and approval process whereby users can tag images, documents and videos to post comments, as well as tag the exact person to make modifications.

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"Run IT like a business"

Overall a good experience - have not used Resource management yet

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"A wonderful experience"

It was a very good working experience using this tool and it has ease to display the things explicitly and is very crisp and clear

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"Optimise your Portfolio and Drive Cost Savings with Planview!"

Used many PPM tools over the years from Clarity to MS Project to Primavera but Planview is my "go to" tool. Features rich, simple to use, cost effective and the real dashboards that provide the rel information required to guide strategic decisions o a portfolio of projects .A real portfolio management tool that works for a project, programme or portfolio of projects

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"Improve Productivity with KeyedIn"

KeyedIn Projects has been a great addition to our project execution process. It helps us work better and become more productive at work. We are able to efficiently plan resource capacity, divide and assign tasks, collaborate effectively and efficiently manage our time. It allows us to also carry stakeholders and clients along as they can also view project progress whenever they like

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"Very Impressive Microsoft Project Server 2016"

My overall experience has been wonderful with Microsoft Project Server 2016. We can create enterprises calender for multiple shift and different customer holiday list updation on projects. We can use Time reporting Periods in Time and Task Management for Define Bulk Period Parameters, Define Batch Naming Convention and create Periods. We can use Operational Policy for Active Directory Resources pool Synchornization.

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"Excellent and useful tool"

I have been using P6 to control scheduling and resources and there has not been any problem yet. It is versatile, but a bit expensive if you want to start in a small company.

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"Get your team seeing the project information they need to see!"

This is a great product with many features that are able to be used as needed by different levels of the organization to have visibility to the project/program management.

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"For Effective Project Management "

Sciforma is a nice solution for managing projects. With Sciforma, you can plan and track project easily, Analyze your results in real-time, allocate your resources properly and improve productivity. With Sciforma, you can manage budget better, plan and track time and improve project deliverability. This is a nice solution for project managers.

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Project and Portfolio Management?

Project and Portfolio Management


Understand Your Business Requirements to Select the Right PPM Tool

"Get internal alignment on the minimum requirements before starting the development of the tool. Base the tool development on the corporate and regulatory requirements. Ensure you have a clearly defined organizational structure, and roles and responsibilities for development, implementation and maintenance of the tool."

Security and Risk Management Professional, Manufacturing Sector


Evaluate Vendors and Take Demos Before Selecting a PPM Tool

"Do your research on vendors and what you want to accomplish before you are going through the selection process. Then you can look more specifically at what the product can do. If you don't know what you want to gain, the vendor won't either."

Technical Professional, Services Sector


Allocate Enough Time for Implementation for Seamless Functioning

"Be intentional and calculated about how you plan your implementation initially and how you grow it over time."

Application Professional, Services Sector


Ensure You Have the Right Change Management Resources

"We should establish formal change management policies and procedures for managing changes to our instance at the request of our internal stakeholders."

Application Professional, Finance Sector


Train the Users Thoroughly for Best Results From the Tool

"Be sure to allow enough time for training and deployment to account for all the nuances of the system."

CxO Professional, Finance Sector