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What is Prototyping Software?

Prototyping software provides tools to create and evaluate early versions of the products and applications before proceeding to the process of production. The software enables the designers to weave visuals, navigational elements, and interactions together to give a representation of the flow and usability of the final product. Prototyping software also allows designers and developers to review the prototypes for testing, providing feedback and collaborating in real-time to iterate rapidly. Some software also extends to the functionality of integrating with the existing tools in the organization.

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"A very good Design Collaboration Tool"

Figma is a very useful tool for creating mockups and prototypes of screens. In the era of remote working where staff don't get to physically work in the same room it is essential to have a tool to allow a shared development of prototyping using a cloud application. Collaboration is really possible with his tool.

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"AdobeXD helped our "delivery challenged" teams meet tight/unrealistic deadlines"

Adobe XD made a big splash when it came out in 2015, and has steadily taken over the UI/UX Design world with its capability to do anything from low-fidelity basic Wireframing to high-fidelity Prototypes and PoCs with rich interactivity built in. This has allowed our teams to demonstrate potential new products, services & features directly to our customers to get the most valuable kind of feedback in focus groups and usability studies without writing a single line of code. As a result, our deliveries have become much more focused and it has helped us maximize the amount of "work not done" which is essential in today's fast-paced Agile software delivery marketplace, where you need to continuously innovate and improve or risk being left behind.

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"Miro, a great canvas sharing tool in need of better navigation."

A good canvas sharing tool that can easily be used by a large number of concurrent users in an organization. It is quite useful during large scoped planning meetings as it allows for easy visual flow (hovering) on top of the canvas in a virtually unlimited two dimension world. It easily hosts tables, texts, graphics and more. We have used it for Innovative discussions, Design Thinks processes, SAFe PI planning presentations and also many different other uses where a free format canvas sharing environment could be useful where every attendee can concurrently create their own sticky notes or tables and then review with their teams and they review with (or present to) a larger group. I would see there is room for better navigation approach since currently the zoom in and out feature is not seamless nor easy to use and it is not easy to find what you are looking for when the canvas has grown really large over time (may be an interactive high elevation view that would allow the user to float a view box on top of the entire canvas and lock and zoom in when decided, would make the navigation easier. The tool can easily host a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users in a live editing mode. Also, there seems to be an issue when a Miro link is clicked as it will open it in the default browser and then tries to open it the app and sometimes the app just blanks-out and the only way to fix that is to close and open the app to get refreshed.

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"Sketch is great - but a little slow to adapt to cloud and collaboration needs."

I love Sketch and still find myself using it for personal projects, but as an organization, we moved onto Figma a few years ago because Figma offered more team collaboration.

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"Good detailed prototyping which keeps you going with the timeline of the presentation"

GUI is good and helps you to complete your work on time. Creating backup and saving the work is a good part here. Sharing is easier with just clicks.

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"A solid prototyping application"

This is a quality prototyping product. There is a learning curve, but even a non-developer like myself can work their way through it. There are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal, which is nice to have. End users love prototypes, and these can look like a real-world live application, if you put in the time.

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"Marvel Reviews"

It has an exceptional UI that makes the user to implement new prototype with ease can be easily moved to different channels and can be created with different id and name great support

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"UXPin is a board devoted to user experience design tools"

It contains a large number of user interface design patterns and is easy to use in an intuitive way. In addition, unlike technologies used by other organizations, interactive prototyping is feasible.

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