Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Amazon Web Services

Moving out from classic internal app development to cloud services platform.

It has been a learning curve to all the team members. We got great help from internal AWS expert engineers and AWS support team to drive us in this first release.

Amazon Web Services

Good combination of tools, support, and scalability for a new growth venture

AWS was one of the several options considered. Both our internal IT-experts and external developer consultants had a great deal of comfort with this direction and felt AWS offered the best combination of tools, support, and scalability for a new growth venture. In addition, we need to ensure clients of strong data security, so the AWS brand/image was an important decision factor.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon is THE leader in cloud services, but the need to continue to work on onboarding

AWS has a truly strong customer focus. As a consumer of AWS services, we had a technical account manager assigned to us and he helped us step through the products and services that best suited our needs. AWS has a large number of services and options from which to select and the proper selection can be cumbersome and confusing. Selecting the right tools and services for our needs was greatly enhanced by having the technical account manager to help us through.

Amazon Web Services

Strikes a balance between functionality and ease of use

Of all the possible providers, AWS stands out as a market leader for innovative implementation options. We found it to be the right compromise between power user functionality and assistive develops features. Also, our partners primarily run on AWS so matching their primitives makes it easy for integration.

Amazon Web Services

Integration was fast & smooth

Traditional server was unable to manage the size of the platform with a large database of over 300K entries and hence we finally decided to move to AWS to improve the performance of the site and it has worked quite well for us since we moved our site to AWS

Amazon Web Services

Best of class IaaS provider, strong services and agility.

One of the best decisions that our company has made around innovation.

Amazon Web Services, Other...

All the tools you need to build highly scalable capabilities.

Awesome capabilities and scalability. Our monitoring uncovers small performance problems within AWS that are typically transient and rarely understood by AWS support. 3 regional level outages in AWS US-EAST-1 have impacted our customers and has reduced my satisfaction with AWS.

Amazon Web Services

Great for initial Development use in Government Cloud

Current use for DevOps - primarily for development

Amazon Web Services

Probably the most easily implemented solution.

Other than the recent East Coast brownout, all has gone well.

Amazon Web Services

A good call, but we need to get more miles before we can know for sure

CloudWatch takes some time to implement right but it's a good monitoring capability