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Data Centers & Colocation Services

CenturyLink Co-Location Services to make your own Private Cloud.

We are using CenturyLink Co-Location services. We are hosting a private cloud at their facility. Overall the process was excellent. Any bumps we had we worked with CenturyLink. We contracted with them to help migration our existing servers into our VMware installation.

CenturyLink Cloud

Fast Implementation - Poor Sales Force Understanding of the Product Offering

CenturyLink has a great vision and we believe in that vision. We are only frustrated with the lack of training that the sales force seems to have. They do not grasp the wide array of service offerings available and we often had to rely on our own research and feedback from other organizations using the service. In all, we were able to turn up a development framework that we will take to production in a short period of time. Thanks CenturyLink for helping with our development efforts!

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Excellent sales and data center engineering support to facility an easy move.

Excellent in meeting deliverables, and haveing multiple weekly meetings to oversea proper implementation and setup of the space, power we need to move to a co-located space.

Data Centers & Colocation Services

Moving to a Teir 3 CoLo Datacenter

CenturyLink datacenter expertise was increadable, CoLo location was top notch Teir 3+

Data Centers & Colocation Services

implementation was easy but definitely recommend working with the 3rd party integrator.

Great experience. Worked with the 3rd party vendor to move the on-prem infrastructure to the Colo but the experience was smooth and easy.

Data Centers & Colocation Services

Very solid colocation services provider, but with uncertainty about future direction

CenturyLink provides a stable colocation solution which met our needs to host our private cloud and dedicated infrastructure platforms. Contracts and service orders are clearly structured and pricing is competitive. In recent months, CenturyLink has been very challenged in response times during negotiations of terms and pricing, extending the timeline far longer than is customary. We believe there is internal instability given the announced changes in strategic direction. But, overall, CenturyLink is a solid service provider and we are confident that regardless of the eventual outcomes, we are in very good hands with this provider.

CenturyLink Cloud

Good technology platform marred by weakness in management and execution

Although we'd had a business relationship with Savvis prior to its acquisition by CenturyLink, we found CenturyLink to be much more challenging to do business with. The technical team was very good, and the management portal was fairly easy to use, but confusion over billing and services became frustrating. While server sizing was very flexible, pricing around storage seemed much higher than other services such as Azure or AWS. CenturyLink has acquired other cloud technology recently and not all of it is completely integrated, creating areas where there are frustrating incompatibilities.

CenturyLink Cloud

Century Link Cloud - a big joke.


CenturyLink Cloud

Tier 3 was good until acquired by CenturyLink Cloud

We selected Tier 3 and were relatively happy with Tier 3 prior to their acquisition by CenturyLink. Reliability/downtime and service have gone downhill since Tier 3 was acquired by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink Cloud, Savvis VPDC

Migration isn't always that easy

We still are in transition so we are struggling at times since we are in the 'moving process'.