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Google Cloud Platform

Low unit costs and data analytics differentiation

GCP doesn't have the breadth or proven track record of AWS, but the value to price point is good. Per-minute pricing, and lower unit costs made it an effective choice for certain workloads. Also, BigTable and BigQuery capabilities were very interesting. Their private network options are best in class. Default data encryption is nice to have but doesn't change any of our needs fundamentally.

Google Cloud Platform

Not as polished as AWS but the future looks bright

In general, we've had a good experience implementing in the Google cloud. It has not been as smooth as our work in AWS but the future technical capabilities and the planned cost savings have made up for the rough spots.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud eases adoption for small shops with great pricing and a simple path to cloud

The price is fantastic for self service. The elasticity of the service and the ease of scaling up made the decision simple.

Google Cloud Platform

Great experience so far

So far solution is working as designed and expected although we're not using all the functionality yet. The staff is adjusting well to the new environment.

Google Cloud Platform

Has assisted with our Big Data Analytic Project

Excellent experience working with Google


Worked well with our compnay.

Worked well with our company.