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Bluemix - Enabling cloud transition

Great Service


Had tough time implementing Storage implementation. Lacks the capability to integration

Lacks efficient Backup and Archival. Lacks infrastructure disaster recovery.Had


Implementing backup's to the cloud - a novel approach using low cost object storage

The Object Storage enviornment is well suited for doing backup's to the cloud. Utilizing our existing backup software, CommVault, we were able to connect up to the Swift Object storage enviornment via an API. The Object storage enviornment in the IBM datacenter shows up as a node on our network and we are able to connect into the enviorment via a cross connect from our datacenter. We had only a few issues with connectivity, but the IBM team was able to rectify. IBM/Softlayers customer service is less than stellar, but since IBM purchased Softlayer the hands on engineering technical support has improved greatly.


Became stagnant and stodgy after IBM acquisition

No longer innovative and agile after IBM acquisition. Limited services compared to other providers. Difficulty providing required infrastructure due to vendor capacity constraints.


Softlayer has maturity - but there is more to what meets the eye.

IBM Softlayer is a solid platform for supporting multiple types of workloads. The following are the postitves: 1. They have a solid capability to provision physical workloads just like cloud workloads 2. You have the ability to leverage the backhaul between datacenters for free 3. Good support and partnership There are some challenges and limitations to consider: 1. VLANs supported (depending on the number of physical hosts) you will have a 10:1 limitation (negotiated) 2. Networking limitations on brining your own IP 3. The ability to get a solid solution for products such as netbond or direct link is very limited


Private cloud and managed service with one vendor

Very flexible offering.


Strong SoftLayer team expertise.

Our experience overall was positive when it came to the original softlayer team. They were using more mainstream technologies than those IBM team would be familiar with. The knowledge and skills of the softlayer team was also much better than IBM team members. Additionally our evaluation showed that Softlayer did not have the full complement of technologies compared to AWS or Microsoft, but what they did provide was done very well.


implementation was easy.

good to have experience.


Integration with Active directory was not easy as expected.

Had difficulties with AD integration.