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Rackspace Public Cloud

Quick Implementation

It was simple and easy

Rackspace Public Cloud

Migration of services was seamless

Good communications and project planning

Rackspace Public Cloud

Well buttoned up process and predictable performance.

The rackspace team was professional and responsive.

Rackspace Public Cloud

Strong support. Straightforward setup and configuration, but still flexible.

Setting up new services using Orchestration is a breeze. Scaling is very obvious, and it's great that the costs are clearly indicated *before* implementation, which makes project estimation simpler. On the rare ocassion we need support, they have been professional, mostly prompt, and have escalated and resolved issues quickly (no passing the buck).

Rackspace Public Cloud, Other...

Great products but depth of knowledge in Exchange with Mac was sub-par

Product and solution were great and thier tools are excellent. Their legendary "fanatical support" was good but not great. They encountered issues with MS Exchnage with Macs that i would have thought was common but did trip them up. They did however, communicate and escalate very well. Thier knowledge base of articles is very helpful.

Rackspace Public Cloud

The implementation team enabled a smooth transition for our organization.

Implementation went very well and very solid solution.

Rackspace Public Cloud

RackSpace is a quick win for many large companies due to their flexibility.

Environment was stod up and deployed in minutes.