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Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Excellent potential, long run experience needed.

Although customer oriented, and relatively flexible around pricing, during implementation, the lack of experience working with large, complex and international scenarios was dissapointing. Strong commitment to achieve. Lack of versatile and structured PM processes. Defective and in cases, null communication between field engineers and leadership executives. Poor PM performance. On steady state, major improvements in all areas, showing a great capacity for understanding, adapting and fulfilling customer's needs. Great capacity to quickly learn from experience. Still a long way to ride on administrative processes, e.g. Invoicing, reporting and legal interaction.

Virtustream Public Cloud

Smart consultants, good infrastructure; slow to deliver

VirtuStream jumped in and partnered with our organization during all phases of the implementation. Their technical resources were very knowledgable, and their project managers were experienced in their core product. They were very responsive through the entire process. Unfortunately, the customizations that we required for provisioning delayed our startup significantly.