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vCloud Air

VMware vCloud Air is an excellent alternative to the flaws of common cloud Iaas

Overall, VMware vCloud Air is an amazing alternative to the costly pricing models of other providers who's model is based on cpu cycles and I/O's. Where vCloud differs is its one price sandbox environment free from risk of over computing the cloud environment resulting in barely predictable costs. That being said it does have some downsides in that the environment is limited in its features compated to the Vcenter/ESXi environment and has its share of bugs.

vCloud Air

Implementation was easy and fast, blueprint availabilty took time to align with in-house

there were some bumps in the road, but the infrastructure capabilities were delivered and new ones continue to be add


vCloud Air

Supportive with short time line

Time constraint with ATT end of life

vCloud Air

vCloud Air DRaaS versus On-Premise DRaaS

The initial contact with VMware was productive and useful to understand their product offering. It was a surprise to find our on-premise solution using SRM, EMC Recover-Point was more mature than vCloud Air DRaaS.

vCloud Air

Product was a bit confusing to license but is relatively easy to use.

Product had a bit of a learning curve at first.

vCloud Air

Implementation was easy, and integration into existing infrastructure was even easier.

There were a few connectivity nuances, but all in all a successful implementation and easy to work with.

vCloud Air

Engagement was very good and lessons learnt were important.

Overall the product was good. VMware is a great partner, the VCloud services are still being evaluated.

vCloud Air

Implementation was complicated but vendor was able to provide needed guidance.

The vendor is very knowledgeable of their product.

vCloud Air

Easy Implementation.

Implementing was easy but integrating with back-end services was a difficult task.