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What are Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop Software allows secure access and control of remote devices across multiple platforms. The software provides the same level of access as being physically present to manage and control the resources of the remote device. The software offers secure transfer of files in a live or unattended support session. The Remote Desktop software is generally used by the IT professionals performing maintenance and support personnel assisting end-users.

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"Easy and Effortless Remote control access to a Computer as well as mobile systems. "

We used TeamViewer as a remote desktop application for end-user customers with the distinct solutions they may be the use of. I have tested so many remote software with over 7years of experience. Teamviewer is pleasant if your voice price range allows it. Do not hesitate.

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"Fast, Reliable, Manageable and Secure"

For me, the overall experience is awesome. The services does not just make you connect to remote computer but you can also manage the groupings of the list of computer that has RescueAssist. With this kind of setup I can connect to the remote device with no other person attending to it

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"Manage your Work From Home Remotely"

Anydesk has enabled me to connect to my device at the workplace from anywhere; it is ideal for me when I need to work from home since I do not need to transport equipment; it allows me to control and access all of the office's equipment and utilise only what is required. AnyDesk for Ubuntu was designed to function with remote server monitoring in the same manner as AnyDesk for Windows does. Adding to its superb file-sharing system and capabilities that allow team members to view each other's screens while working on a project makes out-of-office work more easier and more efficient.

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"Fantastic All Around Remote Support Program"

Overall, this software has been fantastic. It allows us to communicate with the end user easily and figure out what needs to be done to resolve their issues in a timely manner. I have used other remote programs in the past, and they always seem to have hangups. This program has circumnavigated previous issues, and allows for a significant amount of control over the end machine.

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"Great Remote Access software at a great price."

It was very easy to start using Zoho for remote computer support for my customers. I pretty just signed up for the product and was able to start using it almost immediately. The product works really well and has a well thought out set of features. For a very reasonable cost I am able to provide customer support.

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"LogMeIn is the perfect tool for remote desktop sharing for any organization."

LogMeIn is your ultimate tool for remote desktop sharing regardless of the size of your organization. It has provided my organization with ease of access via regular updates and especially in today's remote working, LogMeIn offers so much time efficiency and management.

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"Excellent and Simple Remote Desktop Solution for Customer Service within a Business!"

I thoroughly enjoy using this software on our business devices. It makes customer service a lot easier when we can simply log in within 2 seconds of finding the computer we need.

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"A Good Option in the WFH Era"

GoToMyPC has been an irreplacable tool for everyone at my employer from the begining of the pandemic and we have continued to use it when we need to work from home. It easily allows you access to your data and work files so you can work from home without worrying about not having the materials that you need.

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"Really Recommend Solarwinds Remote Support "

It is the securest way to take remote support of windows and MAC machine, it helped alot our IT team during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

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"MobaXTerm a very powerful and complete tool"

In my opinion MobaXTerm is a very exceptional tool, I connect with this tool to all my linux server, windows server and client, switch, firewall and many other devices. It has also a password manager with encryption and some network tools that help me to manage and check my network. The export and import function let me transport this tool easily between my various computers, this helps me to always update them.

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"Great pricing, Does the job, Easy to use."

During the start of the Pandemic, at my prior employment I was in charge of getting everyone ready for remote. We didn't start with RemotePC but we eventually chose this vendor because of the pricing and all the capabilities it offered. As an admin of the product, it is important that we have all the tools to moderate and customize but more importantly logs. The pricing was great for 2 years (I haven't reached the new pricing yet but it will still be cheaper than other vendors.) I still am an admin for my prior job looking for a perm replacement. Teaching RemotePC to a temp was fairly easy.

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"Overall good remote support tool"

GoverLAN works fine for our environment. It doesn't have some of the more fancy features something like Bomgar has but for us, it does what we need it to do.

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