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We lost RR after a recent merger. It was a great tool and many of us miss it a great deal.

Excellent Tool. Our company should have applied more IT resources to it so that we could better utilize more of it's features. We got a lot of value from RR.


Game changing capability for complex scenario planning

simply put, great partner with advanced capabilities and visionaries


Best customer experience I've had with a software vendor

Kinaxis has excellent customer focus. I've seen them literally pivot their resources toward a new feature based on one session their users held at their conference. They heard the feedback in that session, and almost immediately began working on a solution that we will now implement. Their solution architects, engineers, and thought leaders are very knowledgeable, and I always feel like they understand our problems.


Time saver

great what if capability


quick implementation as long as business processes are well defined

very knowledgeable and accessable