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Supply Chain Convergence

Difficult to integrate and maintain due to configuration complexity; old technology stack

As an organization, they have a very good structure for support; however, because they've made their software so diverse, it can be extremely complex to manage (especially new) the configurations. We find ourselves developing in-house software to more easily manage the system. We also find ourselves doing a lot more math when interfacing with their system. The system should be able to digest raw data and draw conclusions; but instead requires us to send raw data as well as calculations within that data, making implementations significantly more frustrating. Also, their error messages can be cryptic, even to their organization's support. They are, though, responsive to add new features (and, unfortunately, interfaced data) and adjust their math to meet customer need sand expectations. Another point of frustration is their choice of the user interface depends on Java Applet technology, which is almost completely unsupported by all browsers. We've long had issues with the performance of the user interface, and the exceptions in the system are so broad that users ignore them daily.