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Powerfully Simple Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SI&OP), SO99+

I am not a product expert, but from IT standpoint, the fully cloud solution will be great.

I think ToolsGroup did a good job in terms of change management, brigining right resources to the project and training etc.


Proven results paved to path from inexpensive pilot to global rollout

The relationship overall has been exceptional. We began with a very small and inexpensive pilot with manual interfaces to prove out the technology and learning curve. The initial measurable success in both results and efficiency led to popular support to expand the pilot and begin automating interfaces. Continued success and a strong relationship eventually allowed a fully funded global rollout and horizontal expansion into additional businesses. We have developed a strong relationship with the provider and they are willing to challenge our comfort zone and operational hesitance to change adapting there speed of implementation with our ability to adopt it.


Great support, good product.

The vendor does a pretty thorough job. This was evolved from their previous version and at that time was based on Microsoft Access. The end users decided to take this over with predictable results. What started out as an upgrade and a handover to IT while limiting billable hours degenerated into the consultants working more hours with unlimited control by the end users. Overall, it's a well constructed packe that's fairly simple to implement.