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What are Sales Engagement Applications?

Sales engagement applications accelerate how sales teams execute multichannel, multitouch engagement at scale and facilitate CRM/SFA adoption. They simplify seller workflows for engaging prospects and customers by coordinating the use of engagement channels (e.g., email, voice, SMS, social media) through a single console. Sellers rely on the technology for guidance into which accounts or contacts to engage, when to engage them and what messaging to use. These solutions result in more efficient and productive sellers. Vendors in the market initially focused on prospecting roles but have expanded to support most customer-facing B2B sales roles.

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"Groove saves me a ton of time everyday and I can use it with my other favorite programs."

I am an end user via sales associate and communication with throusands of learners each year. I connect via email and use groove countless times each day/week/month/year. I love Groove, it saves me a ton of time, provides a consistent message accross our sales team and multiple products we communicate about. We use Groove to customize our messaging so I can share information on many different products each day with preset messages that are customized regularly by our marketing team and ready in minutes to use. I love Groove, did I say that already? Also when an update is needed, it can be made instantly.

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"Great tool for tracking sales engagement - very clean UX/UI that combines email/phone"

Salesloft has always been my preferred sales engagement platform. It gives you insights into what messages are performing well, and what messages need to be tweaked. You have the ability to A/B test emails to various sets of prospects, customize the messaging (names/dates, etc) with ease and it even has a phone dialer native to it which makes combining emails and phone calls super easy. Lastly, getting the desktop notifications when an email has been read has been wonderful with getting statistics on instant engagement.

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"It is a tool where you can find world's comprehensive business data base here"

This is very useful for go to market strategy where we generate leads from its data base.

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"Great for early sales development "

We utilise VanillaSoft for multiple clients. It allows us to be transparent with our clients and give them much-needed business intelligence they would not get elsewhere.

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"Brilliant platform for sale management and strategies"

Sales orientation can be well-drafted and managed via Koncert. The platform is easy to use and configure. Professional services provide valuable direction during the implementation and configuration phase. The product can handle large data load and well-optimized performance. The product can be hosted in AWS or any cloud environment with ease. Documentation is well-formed and easy to understand.

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"Easy Dialer"

We have a small SDR team who use ringDNA as their dialer and the ease of use makes it easy to onboard new SDRs. We have a few issues with our SFDC integration but besides that nice product.

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"Quick start and easy to implement planning solution "

Outreach Success Plan provides a holistic approach for sales management. The product is capable of offering a systematic growth plan for leads and deals. The UI has rich feature sets and an intuitive dashboard to project the key elements from the plans. It can be integrated with Microsoft and other renowned products for data import and export. The UI permits ample customization opportunities. The status of every deal and plan can be well tracked and visualized. Professional services are well catered for the implementation

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