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The system constantly fails

We purchased the integrated marketing and sales suite and had high hopes for it. The system appeared to do everything we wanted: lead management to invoicing and it looked to be an easy and simple interface to use. The issue is that it has barely worked as promised since the day we bought it. In 12 months we have issued 36 tech support requests and it is still no better. Issues include: log on crashes, log on delays of 2 to 3 minutes, mid-process crashes which completely lock out users, data disappearance, fields temporarily disappearing, personalised processes and templates being wiped on product upgrades or server relocations (which BPM seem to do regularly). Barely a day seems to go by without one or more members of my staff complaining about the system and our own tech team are at the end of their tether. We wish we had never set eyes on the system.

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bpm'online CRM

Created Amazing Agility and Efficiency!Created Amazing Agility and Efficiency!

We implemented and integrated our third-party applications rather seamlessly and drastically improved our internal processes. We also really like using bpm’online for managing our retailer and distributor partnership network. Bpm’online continues to add features which have only added to the product’s effectiveness.

bpm’online sales

Great vertical solution

We are happy to have a pharma vertical specific solution for our sales team, especially for our field associates. The out-of-the-box vertical functionality allowed us to immediately start leveraging the product.

bpm’online sales

Great CRM product with flexibility for deep system configuration

Overall, Bpm'online is a great product that provides tools to automate key front-office operations. Our users appreciate the system's intuitive UI and how easy it is to configure the system based on their own preferences.

bpm’online sales

‘Agile CRM’ is not Cliché, Bpm engine enable us to improve processes on a moment´s notice.

Our organization uses the full CRM compliment for marketing, sales and service. After outgrowing our last SFA solution, Bpm’online gave us the ability to scale and enhance our capabilities, and we were fully set up and operating within weeks.

bpm’online sales

Powerful CRM for financial services

Very user friendly. You don't have to be a techie to figure out how to customize and tailor. The system can also be easily integrated with other applications.

bpm’online sales

Very happy with the system

Bpm’online team implemented the system quite fast. By using pre-set patterns in bpm’online we managed to significantly speed up our mergers and acquisitions processes.

bpm’online sales

Sales and project management made easy with bpm’online

The overall experience working with Bpm’online is positive. We have a great relationship with the vendor and the quality of the product is superior.

bpm’online sales

A good tool with pre-built processes that really helps us organize sales and operations

With profound Bpm capabilities, we can manage all sales and account management processes in Bpm’online. The system is very easily customized, which supports our company’s speed of growth and transformation. In addition, Bpm’online has lower cost of ownership than other vendors offer, while the level of support we’ve got during and after the implementation was great.