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Implementation was moderately easy - need better enterprise customer approach

Having had an exceptional account executive was incredibly helpful navigating the companies standard approaches - which are not tailored to work with enterprise implementation teams and larger IT groups. Understanding of complexer implementation scenarios and advising on the best approach requires further maturity. Overall - it was still a good implementation thanks to many great people we worked with.

Bullhorn CRM

It feels like you are in the dentist chair, you know it's going to hurt.

Very poor communication from the vendor.

Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn Provides Many Features - a Real Key to Individual and Team Productivity

Bullhorn has been fantastic! The layout and functionality allow users to track and manage projects, customize fields, and create an ultimate user experience. I've been really pleased with how easy Bullhorn is to learn. There are several ways to complete some of the same tasks, and this allows users to find their own niche. I am also very pleased with the dashboards, and the ability to track performance. So many great areas in Bullhorn...I'm a big fan.

Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn CRM is a game changer for our business.

We are completely satisfied with Bullhorn and the strategic direction of the company. We have had a strong partnership with them for many years and the strides they have made in the past few years regarding new features and enhancements has supported our growth year over year.

Bullhorn CRM

Opening the business on Bullhorn was a no brainer. With our plans to expand, it was easy!

Great company and great staff. Always deliver their services on time and as expected.

Bullhorn CRM

Has a steep learning curve in the beginning.

The software takes some time in getting used to, but Bullhorn was readily available to assist in the onboarding.

Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn dramatically increased adoption and gave us vital business insights.

Bullhorn fully understood our needs and were very focused on delivering value.

Bullhorn CRM

Good implementation, strong product offering, great business partner

Bullhorn's experience with enterprise customers proved extremely valuable in guiding us through the implementation.

Bullhorn CRM

Very seamless integration with our ATS and CRM baseline organized by private label.

We are very pleased with the current baseline product and moving towards complete satisfaction with forthcoming advanced features. Things like integrated SMS capability, more mobile features, and sales contest technology integration.

Bullhorn CRM

The features are out of this world, and service matches too.

The relationships we developed at Bullhorn have been oustanding. They have gone above and beyond to meet our needs and find solutions to issues we've experienced. We had someone come out and meet with us in person to do full company overviews and training. Anytime I've had a severe issue it was escalated quickly and solved.