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Bullhorn CRM

Used third party for implementation

Worked with Cumulous Global for implementation.

Bullhorn CRM

Decent product but lack of support/sales operations makes it lesser than competitors

Customer support and functionality now always on the same page and sometimes takes days to resolve an issue. Account Managrs have high turnover and always have someone new on our account.

Bullhorn CRM

We need help

Ease of use

Bullhorn CRM

Glitchy, Agile, Implementation Transitions to Overall Effective Use of Platform

Many glitches when first implemented - most have been corrected and user adoption has been strong.

Bullhorn CRM

Meets our current basic needs and fullfills our Relationship Management Goals.

Bullhorn has met our basic goals for Relationship Management. Easy to use for our sales team and easy to implement. Some limitations on workflow and customization that may ultimately limit the future use of the platform but fine for now. Good support from the vendor.

Bullhorn CRM

Smooth implementation with strong vendor support; reporting capabilities could improve

The implementation was relatively error free and client support was strong. Tech support worked with us for usability issues and reporting needs. They were very direct with what they could do and couldn't do. Good experience.

Bullhorn CRM

Easy to use and fairly comprehensive functionality

as an end user, has been generally reliable and useful

Bullhorn CRM, Other...

Implementation was moderately easy - need better enterprise customer approach

Having had an exceptional account executive was incredibly helpful navigating the companies standard approaches - which are not tailored to work with enterprise implementation teams and larger IT groups. Understanding of complexer implementation scenarios and advising on the best approach requires further maturity. Overall - it was still a good implementation thanks to many great people we worked with.

Bullhorn CRM

It feels like you are in the dentist chair, you know it's going to hurt.

Very poor communication from the vendor.

Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn Provides Many Features - a Real Key to Individual and Team Productivity

Bullhorn has been fantastic! The layout and functionality allow users to track and manage projects, customize fields, and create an ultimate user experience. I've been really pleased with how easy Bullhorn is to learn. There are several ways to complete some of the same tasks, and this allows users to find their own niche. I am also very pleased with the dashboards, and the ability to track performance. So many great areas in Bullhorn...I'm a big fan.