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Lots of features, but can be a pro and a con

Worked well: Has multiple features like e-commerce, webforms and automated campaigns. Hasn't worked well: can be complex to use


Implementation was easy, it's executing and leveraging the system that is complex

Infusionsoft is the maserati of marketing automation systems and it is unweildy to implement. Wish there was an easier way for them to step you through the implementation process.


Useful, but could be better

I like the chat support - but sometimes they don't know what they are doing. We had a contract with 6th division - however, I found them very difficult to work with and rude. We ended that relationship. The program itself has limitations. For example, the email templates are very limited and could be much more flexible. You have no ability to do custom code. I specifically use this for automated marketing, and for the sales pipeline. We ran into problems where we needed to write a custom API to pull reports from the opportunities. You can not associate one contact with multiple companies The system does not do a duplicate check when importing new names. I understand there is a need to verify SPAM laws; however, they take this to the extreme and don't want you to email to current customers. Can not do A/B testing with emails, very cumbersome The User Interface seems like it is flexible, but it is not. You can not change the home screen. They are very behind with integration of IP and social media hits to conversions. Can not automate opportunities Can not associate multiple contacts with one opportunity


Require time and training to use well.

I found the product somwhat difficult to use in the beginning. Not as intuitive as I'd hoped.