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Dynamics CRM

Project was well planned, executed on time and implementation was smooth

Overall this project has gone very well all of the development and testing was executed on time without any major issues.

Dynamics CRM Online

Solid tool, need improvements on user adoption within our organization

The tool has worked well, although we still struggle with user adoption. We receive many leads and need a better way to score and prioritise them. Our sales associates tend to only enter opportunities that they feel they have a good chance of closing. We struggled with the Outlook integration portion, too much latency between the data centre and our headquarters caused most people to move to the web interface, but the Outlook integration was one of our deciding factors when selecting this vendor. Purchasing additional storage space is expensive compared to Azure pricing. Microsoft support has been quite good, especially compared to the support we receive from other major software vendors.

Dynamics CRM

Good CRM and Microsoft usability makes the difference

Good product and easy to adopt within the organization

Dynamics CRM Online

Smooth implementation. Just works.

Overall, getting this up and running went very well. Microsoft was a big help on some data integration issues when moving data from our on-prem servers to the cloud. Once we got past that, it was smooth sailing. User adoption is in the high 90% range.

Dynamics CRM

Implementation has been easy, but need to master how to use.

At this time my personal experience is satisfied. As we continue to learn how to best utilize the CRM, I'm sure it will grow to completely satisfied.

Dynamics CRM

Major upgrade success is marred by bug.

We ran into a major bug with the product during go-live that had been discussed with Microsoft during our development. We followed their advice and it didn't work for us and cause us a major set-back in our upgrade.

Dynamics CRM Online

Customizations are easy, working with the SAAS model added complexity, but overall good.

Went well, storage costs are high. Needed to move alot of activity data to cheaper storage.

Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM Online

Dynamics CRM (Cloud) a Real Contender

Microsoft worked woth us on per seat licensing and the fit with our MS EA made the cost structure significantly more attractive than other providers. On time, on budget and significant value to the business.

Dynamics CRM

Quick upgrade implementation, cleanup needed after upgrade.

Smooth implementation and go live.

Dynamics CRM Online

Deployment and roll-out very straight forward.

Dynamics CRM has been well recieved in our organization. From a functionality and usability stand point, the sales and executive team feel the solution is very valuable. Adoption was fairly easy as we are an existing O365 consumer, and the integration to our existing productivity tools was very straight forward. As we are using CRM online, pure cloud based solution, the technology integration was minimal. The CRM plugin for Outlook desktop was the only major technology component.