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Dynamics CRM

Strong product with great best practices

Able to guide us through the decision making process and recommend best practices

Dynamics CRM Online

Happy with MS CRM 2016 Overall, a Few Integration Kinks to Work Out but Worth the Money

Easy to use interface. Very familiar, as it is similar to Windows operating system UX. It has great capabilities in terms of providing us with dashboard reports that we can use for strategic decision-making, especially as we are a new and growing company. You can configure them in so many ways to analyze the data in seemingly endless ways. We haven't even used this to its fullest capability yet, but look forward to experimenting more. We were limited on funding, so did the implementation in-house. The system can track changes made, has great auditing tools, and allows for rules creation that keeps of compliant to changing regulations. We found the support provided we received excellent. They continue to provide very helpful start-up guides, abundant training material, and even a blog. All very helpful for the part of our staff that is not very tech savvy, but needs to use the system. We love the system and it isn't that expensive, as it is a cloud-based service with a monthly fee, which works for us. We are very happy with is and it is much better than our old process!

Dynamics CRM

MS CRM Cost model is sustainable for larger deployments.

MS made a compelling case for us to migrate to Dynamics. The cost savings over some of the competitors were to high for us not to move.

Dynamics CRM Online

Complex Solution Delivered with Outstanding Reception by Business Team

Microsoft provided the needed information and key support resources to enable us to finish the project in a timely fashion.

Dynamics CRM Online

Implementation was manageable but there were some surprising technical glitches

Dynamics had some technical glitches but overall the product and implementation were manageable. Had to combine data from two older CRM implementations (ACT & Salesforce) into Dynamics. That is why we also hired a third party vendor to assist with the migration. The only real issue that was surprising was getting Dynamics to sync with Outlook even though both are Microsoft products. This still has not been resolved adequately but the online interface is working quite well.

Dynamics CRM Online

Implementation was smooth, and we need to now do some customization work,

The Application suits our needs and we are developing competence with it.

Dynamics CRM Online

Get the right integration partner the first time.

The tool is useful but the first integration partner that Microosoft pointed us to was not very good. A lot of slow response times from application but once we partnered with a different organization, things improved drastically. Also, there seems to be a number of outages that we didn't exect.

Dynamics CRM, Dynamics CRM Online

Implementation was relatively easy, but needed alot of custom configuration

Very helpful to have Vendor support on site before and during implementation to discuss needs/wants/workflow to help configure it for our organization, as well as troubleshoot on-site for issues that arose.

Dynamics CRM Online

Smooth Implementation with the assistance of 3rd party Partner.

Microsoft was diligent in following up at the completion of the implementation.


Implementation and Training were Seamless User Experience was Excellent

Vendor is very capable and responsive, though expensive.