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NetSuite, NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite Good and Getting Better

NetSuite is innovative and willing to partner to get us to where we want/need to be. The overall solution is very solid and continues to improve.

NetSuite, NetSuite CRM+

Implementation is Difficult, but ultimately worth the expenditure

NetSuite's product overall has been great. The implementation was fraught with difficulty, due to a lack of training and a lack of explanation prior to purchase. Ongoing maintenance has been relatively painfree however. The ongoing improvements are worth the costs involved..

NetSuite, NetSuite CRM+

Fantastic product

We have been very satisfied with NetSuite. We have deployed it for our end to end business support system, from ERP to SFA to CRM and beyond.


Ideal solution for IT Services Company that is looking to scale

In a growing organization we wanted to move to a platform that could allow us to scale and do so with a transition process that is not painful. Netsuite had one of the best user functionality and fit our needs. Especially after we lived through the pains of other systems in the past.

NetSuite, NetSuite CRM+

Clean up data before implementing a new CRM.

Fairly easy transition from legacy systems, moving our data was somewhat challenging.

NetSuite CRM+

Simple and flexible, with poor UI.

The CRM functions of NetSuite are strong and flexible. End-to-end view from marketing through GL is extremely valuable. However, usability and roadmap consistency lags compared to other products in this field. Small market share has contributed to higher user training costs and made it more difficult to get and retain stakeholder buy-in.


Seamless integration into the transactional ERP is the silver bullet for NetSuite CRM.

Easy to use and deploy. Was able to leverage.

NetSuite CRM+

Easy to configure, friendly apps and easy to implement and simple to customize as needed.

The overall experience has been great. True or not we believe our business is unique and required some modifications and scripting.

NetSuite CRM+

Fast Growing Company but are getting their growth under control.

We have needed to do a lot of customization on our account in order to accommodate our monthly recurring model. With that comes a lot of complexity and getting a Platinum Support team knowledgable about our customizations took us a few years. But NS heard our frustration and has been able to assign a set team to our account that has had little turnover. This had greatly improved our relationship in building solutions. The account team has also gone through several changes in the past 4 years we've been with them that caused some early challenges but again we now seem to be connected with the right team to help us evaluate business use cases to determine the best solution to support our needs. This is quickly arranged and the necessary product SME's get pulled in to have evaluation calls with us to analyze our needs. They are honest about whether they have a good solution on hand or if there will be a lot of customization needed so we can evaluate our approach.


NetSuite is peace of mind - secure, simple, agile, enabling.

Completely satisfied from a cost of ownership, HA/DR, breadth of functionality, and service stability perspective. Room for improvement in global application performance and product innovation (particularly in the mobile device realm).