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Sage CRM

Leveraging Sage for growth and retention

Low cost, easy to implement, flexible solution for mid-market comapnies

Sage CRM

Implementation went smoothly. Analytical reports need improvement

Sage CRM is excellent on flexibility and adaptability. Managing communications within Sage CRM needs some attention though. The way tasks are shared and updated by multiple users proves difficult to manage. and a single communication to multiple users places too many duplicated entries in originating users Communications screen - one for each user included in the communication.

Sage CRM

Implementation and initial customization were easy, be careful with growth.

The initial rollout exceeded my expectations, it was easy to customize, and migrate data. The product had many features already built in that we didn't have to replicate. It has been harder to navigate as we grew and customized the product heavily. There are issues that we haven't been able to resolve, so the diagnostic resources are not as good as I'd like them to be.

Sage CRM, Other...

We over complicated implementation, but we're very pleased with the overall result.

Both the product and vendor are solid business partners. The vendor has become a trusted advisor and is quick to bring new market knowledge to us.