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Sales Cloud

Costly, but valuable

Very good and professional

Sales Cloud

Great technology but not a great support structure

Good base technology , but all about gettting the sale vs. retention. Two many sales layers and not a good global customer support structure

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Salesforce is the market leader for a reason

Impressive application architecture and functionality. Forward-looking and innovation focused vision. Customer support needs improvement

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Implementation is fun and needs complete (360 Degree) sales processes to be included

My experience with Salesforce is incredible. Out of box Sales and Service, features are really adding values. Salesforce as a Product is very user as well as configurator friendly. It is easy and quick go for new business requirement implementations. We found some limitations like you can't upload >25 MB files etc and working with Salesforce to convert them as features. Salesforce releases is another important milestone which continuously updates the product and promotes customers to use new, enhanced and demand oriented attributes / features.

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Amazing product that will require an intense focus on change management to implement.

Overall product functionality and features work as expected. Salesforce is very responsive to the user community and continually adds new functionality. Change management will be the most difficult challenge for any organisation implementing something as transformational and disruptive as this is.

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Mature Platform with focus on customer success

Easy online access to excellent training and work instructions allowed for us to implement internally great customer support, super annual user conference helps us learn what other customers are doing with the platform and the future product roadmap, superb partner org to help in whatever capacity is needed

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The power of SFDC in your pocket!

SFDC 1 has been a success for us and has helped our users tremendously, updating tasks and activities after or during customer meetings used to be a burden for them when now thy can simply update on the go right from their mobile phones. Forecasting calls with RD's are now much faster and our forecast is more accurate as everyone is constantly ont heir mobile devises updating deals and forecasts.

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Salesforce1 was easy to implement and is easily customizable

Salesforce1 has been a great overall tool for our sales reps to easily access and update Salesforce while on the road by having the ability to access on your phone or on a tablet. The only tool our VP uses to access Salesforce.

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Easy implementation

Very easy implementation. Proven community support. Customer focused company with an evolving suite of products. It all made sense to include them in our business model.

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implementation was easy..to the younger crowd. Time consuming to the older

It has been great. Some of our older employees have been a little more challenged, but that is just because they didn't grow up in the technology era. Our younger employees really engage into it.