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Great responsiveness and customer service!

Overall experience was great with both client and vendor, always responsive when needed for questions/concerns.


Easy to Implement

Thorough information


After they sell the license they are off to the next sale.

Needed to go to a third party group to get effective use of our investment Revolving door of account contact


Implementation was easy, need to address future needs now

Our original integration of this system has increased our efficiency. More tweaking is required as we originally set parameters for this system to be intergrated with fuctional areas from 2010.


The Salesforce customer base is predominantly B2B. The CRM software is not nearly as well

Salesforce promotes a vibrant user community. The company uses its own Ideas solution to solicit community input, actively monitors social networks and provides online venues for customers to make themselves heard. Too often CRM software companies don't actually practice the Customer Relationship Management they speak of, however, Salesforce.com clearly walks the walk.


Implementation successful

Very informative


Easy to upgrade our current system - we can now take advantage of more features available.

Still in progress, but very happy with direction.

Sales Cloud

Expensive CRM, but well worth the price

The CRM is the best in the industry, but the implementation is tough, and their pricing is exorbitant. That said, the functionality is so rich that it was well worth the time to implement, as well as the higher than competitor's pricing.

Sales Cloud, Other...

Took a long time to fully implement, but now we have a great platform for the future.

We are using Salesforce outside of the normal CRM use cases and had to do a lot of customizations and configurations. The Salesforce platform provided us the capabilities to do this. We had a number of other products (NetSuite, Perceptive) that were part of the total solution so it required a number of integrations. The build out and deployment were done in 4 release over a period 2+ years. Now that Salesforce has been deployed I believe we have a strong platform to build our future on.

Sales Cloud

Great platform to launch from

Allowing all users the ability to see the same data is beneficial. The mobile app is nice for the sales team. The flexibilty to develop processes is nice.