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Software that grows along with our needs.

Flexibility of product allowed for the development of a solution specifically targeted to meet our business needs. In addition to this flexibility, the large market share of this product ensured timely access to highly skilled third party integrators as we required throughout all stages of our project.

SAP Cloud for Sales, Other...

Fast and uncomplicated implementation - User are all committed and satisfied

more licence and technology focused - only generell benefit views but 100% committed to bring the solution on the ground strong integration to ERp and BI loogin also on the user rigths / credentials

SAP Cloud for Sales

Solid tool, but support could use some fine-tuning.

The solution when deployed correctly meets the needs of our average sales user. Lack of visibility to hot fixes and communication from their support team could use improvement.

SAP Cloud for Sales

C4C empowers the business to take control and ownership of their implementation.

We implemented C4C in-house, with a core team of two people (one IT, one business). With an SAP CRM background, it was easy to get up to speed with the configuration tasks. Implementation time can be measured in weeks with this solution, not months/years like its predecessors.

SAP Cloud for Sales

royal cup is using CRM to better our communications with internal and external stakeholder

Our overall experience was very positive. We wish reporting was a little further along with c4c. It's not yet highly intuitive and a little clunky to manage. That said, we like the day to day user interaction and the mobile capability.


Reduced the complexity of Call Center Training

Implementation took some time because the coding methods were not the same as ECC but it reduced call center training times through a simplified, consolidated user interface.

SAP Cloud for Sales

Functionally rich, but difficult to integrate into SAPs other products, not stable.

Eventually pleased with the result but its not easy to integrate. SAP have aome way to go to providing a stable platform, they are struggling with the transition from software provider to SaaS.

SAP CRM, SAP Cloud for Sales

control the demo.

Product is great but SAP does not sell it well.