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CallidusCloud Commissions

Callidus BPO Was Key to Finish Inexperienced Implementation Vendor

The 3rd party implementation vendor was the primary lead. They were inexperienced and it later showed through poor requirements gathering, misinterpretation of requirements and lack of follow through of training material. Saving grace was Callidus' own BPO for taking us through the final testing, enhancements and change requests.

CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager

Management loves SPM and it eliminates surprises in bi-annual employee reviews

Our company has used the Sales Coaching tool for many years now and it is tied into our instance of Salesforce creating a SSO environment. Within the past year and a half, we have completely changed the way we use SPM and expanded its use beyond just our sales teams. We used to have it setup in a way that mapped Activities and other metrics from Salesforce, but have since decided to keep things simple and focus on manager and employee comments within a coaching report. In addition, multiple areas of our business require quality audits on our employees and we have worked with the CallidusCloud team to implement unique new forms for each group which are scored by the managers or team leaders. We have had a great experience working with two SPM focals to create each customized solution quickly.

CallidusCloud Commissions

Rocky Start but on a Path to Smooth Sailing

Implementation was rocky, as we needed custom code written to meet our specific functionality requirements. We discovered that the custom code made it difficult to update or modify without breaking something else in the code, and there was little documentation provided to detail all the custom code that was implemented. That said, since going live and partnering with a 3rd party consultant to help implement new compensation plans and features, we've found that Callidus meets our business requirements and has been easy to work with. When the system has gone down or an error had occurred, the Callidus support team has provided impressive response time and has gone above and beyond to drive resolution. Our Callidus Sales Rep has also been instrumental in jumping in when an issue/error occurs, and his positive attitude and customer focus has been especially refreshing.

CallidusCloud Commissions

Implementaion is good but some of features to be corrected and fixed .

Customer Support Services are good.

CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager

Tremendous Product and Great Parnter

We have utilized the Callidus Compensation Managment product since 2001. From 2001-2009 we were on premise then migrated to the On-Demand version 2010. Their product and customer sevice has exceeded all of our expectations. Choosing them as our vendor has proven multiple times to be a great decision.

CallidusCloud Sales Performance Manager

Moved from on-prem to cloud with Accenture - good move but had delays.

Used Accenture to perform implementation and there were a number of misses and delays with their ability and experience moving from Callidus on-prem to cloud.