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IBM Analytics Sales Performance Management, IBM Sales Performance Management

IBM Does it Right

IBM has been straight forward

IBM Incentive Compensation Management

Flexibility and administrative configuration make this product stand out

We are, and have been, very satisfied with the power that the system has given to our managers. The system is flexible enough to meet our needs, and of particular interest, has the functionality we needed to allow us to make changes to templates, access, and plans as needed, without any SuccessFactors team intervention. That component alone makes the system stand out in our suite of applications. During implementation, we partnered with a third party implementation vendor to achieve our goals, and that was a great decision. They were familiar with the intricacies in the configuration that allowed us to move quickly forward with our plan to utilize the merit planning and bonus programs.


Hardware Works

Felt like IBM was a great hardware partner

IBM Incentive Compensation Management

Everybody wins with ICM!

ICM gave us the security and accuracy we were looking for without losing any flexibility to cater to our Sales force. Not unlike other companies are comp plans are unique and complicated. We needed a platform that was entirely customizable to our plans and our corporate culture. I think of ICM like buying a plot of land and building your dream house versus buying the display home. Building your dream home sounds overwhelming but it’s far easier to create the limits versus living within limits someone else created. We needed a really exciting, positive and motivating reports for our Sales force to use. Not only to match our corporate culture but so they would actually use them! With ICM we were able to make fun informative reports that the end users actually used and relied on. ICM became another form of online banking for our Sales reps. We were also able to display the same commission payment multiple ways pending on who was looking at the report. As you know, commission accounting is a freak show! You have to be able to explain the same piece of data many different ways depending on who you are talking to. If a Sales rep was looking at it, they might see high-level data with drill downs and graphics and “Good Job” imagines. If the CFO was looking at it, they would see a high-level financial view, or if a manager was looking at it, they would be able to see all the details. With ICM, we were able to automate all of this functionally and adjust it on the fly. Which meant the Sales force spent less time doing “Happy Hour Napkin Math” and could focus on selling. It also means they were calling me less asking what their commission payout was going to be. Everybody wins with ICM!