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Xactly Incent

Not easy to use

Hard to see the different bonus for complex comp structures...defeats the purpose

Xactly Incent, Xactly Insights, Xactly Sandbox

Good product, well implemented, but vendor needs scale in this territory

We were their first implementation in NZ and so support has been challenging post go-live

Xactly Incent

Few options for 3rd party commissions system - chose best available

Product functionality works, but approach to mapping data and updating from an outside source is confusing/ not well documented. Voiced concerns about implementation to top executives, but no follow-up.

Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is the Total Package for Your Sales Compensation Needs.

Our experience has been fantastic - from working with the sales person to the implementation to the present - everyone has been engaged in making us successful. The partnership, care along with a great product line allows us to provide the best to our sales representatives.

Xactly Incent

Fabulous company that listens to it's customers!

Very intuitive product that is enhanced all the time. Great customer support!

Xactly Incent

Lots better than Excel!!

Love Xactly!! So much better than using spreadsheets!!! We save so much calculation time and our reps. Love being able to view their details.

Xactly Incent

Analytics module is great!

I have been using Analytics module diligently, and being an Analyst it is an effective module and a time-saving tool.

Xactly Incent

Implementation was virtually painless and worth the effort

Great customer service and functionality.

Xactly Incent

Short lifecycle from decision making to go Live

Good Product with multiple features. Good at analytics. Would have been better if we had an in-house expert.

Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is great for Admins and the Sales team.

Xactly Incent is a great product and Xactly is a great company. The program works great and is constantly improving. The company listens to its users and implements improvements all the time.