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Zoho CRM

Easy to setup and use, meets a majority of our needs with minimal effort.

Zoho's platform is strong for business/user contact information, but the UI can still feel a little clunky at times, with some editing features left out of even administrator's hands.

Zoho CRM

Easy implementation. Reporting options and process need to be improved.

Implementation went smoothly and required little assistance from Zoho.

Zoho CRM, Other...

Easy implementation which required some assistance and scripting work

This implementation worked good in general. The deployment was easy as it is a cloud-based SaaS. The solution is easy to use and does not need much training. However, there were some caveats while configuring the solution and tailoring it to our own business needs. We had to involve tech support from the vendor side and implement some scripting to make it fully suitable for our particular requirements.

Zoho CRM

Quick and easy implementation for basic CRM and communication functionality

Easy to create custom modules and integrate with other Zoho applications such as their survey tool and Sales IQ. Also easy to integrate with 3rd party applications such as Twllio, ServiceNow, and DocuSign. However, custom modules do not have the same ease of integration with those 3rd party applications.