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What are SCADA Software?

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software is essential for industrial organizations to control the processes, monitor real-time data, and communicate system issues. The software communicates with devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to interact with industrial equipment and processes. SCADA software can be run virtually, which allows the operator to supervise the industrial processes even from a distant location. The software provides real-time data insights through Human Machine Interface (HMI) to maximize efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations. The software also warns the operator of any hazardous conditions such as blocked processes and failing systems.

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"Amazing software, very customizable, cost effective"

Great software, runs well and very customizable. We use it at around 9 sites and its great!

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"Powerfull tool which fullfills mostly all needs and is perfect integrated"

The tool is very powerfull and offers a hig number of features what makes it also a bit complex.

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"Best HMI SCADA tool for real time manufacturing with web based data visualization"

My overall experience with this tool is awesome, I would say its one of the best HMI SCADA tool i used ever. It works smoothly on my MS OS. It comes with secure dashboards and various charts and graph. Love the bundle of the various modules for design. Its cost effective and very handy tool.

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"Fantastic efficiency booster for manufacturers"

Litmus Edge predictive maintenance package is perfect for engineers that suffer from costly downtime. This was a solution to small faults that add up to a lot of cost over a year.

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"The best solution out there for industrial integration"

this integration solution is an effective way to do things on an industrial level

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