Forcepoint (Websense)

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Design, implementation and post project review all handled professionally.

Overall the project, from inception, was well managed by the vendor. Force point was responsive to our needs and timeframe as we were migrating from a totally different mail product and wanted the products to operate in tandem for a trail period. The only issue was with the product installation as Force point uses a third party, ESPO, for this function and sometimes the communication with ESPO was delayed. Force point remedied same and we were overall satisfied.


Mitigate Possible Data Breach Channels by using Forcepoint

Forcepoint Solution Provides one of the best Email Security Solutions.


Easy implementation; Very low learning curve for administrators

Implementation was straightforward. We encountered a few hiccups, but nothing out of the ordinary for a product with a great deal of visibility throughout the organization.


Good product, but need more features

Overall satisfied with product quality, performance and support, wish they focus more on enhancing features on the cloud platform


Good Solution Overall, However Product requires Updates & Bug Fixes

Implementation was easy, however the SPAM was allowed by the on premises box, however they added the Hybrid Cloud while they work on fixing the issue.


Implementation easy and administration easy

The email worked as expected, we had several issues but nothing out of the ordinary.


Must Have!

This is an amazing solution.


Like eating a big greasy cheesburger. Does the job of filling you up but not to clean.

The POC unit we received came loaded with an OS that had only been released seven days prior to being shipped. Tech support was unfamiliar with the new version which was the first negative. At the time Websense ws the company name and they were actually in the migration of their corporate office from San Diego to Austin so I cut them some slack. I was finally able to get senior engineer that was great but she left the company a few months later. Tech support is poorly trained and on multiple calls I had to explain to the tech how to navigate the admin UI. Speaking of the UI it is not very user friendly. Extremely limited on working with log results to research email traffic issues. I have submitted multiple enhancement request over the past two years but none have made it to production. Enhancements that would provide better admin experience and ones their techs said they also would like to see.


Love Websense DLP

Vendor professional service was exceptional.