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Symantec Email

FireEye to Symantec.. very happy with the choice.. cost savings and service maturity wins

The product was relatively simple to install and use. Configuration was also relatively intuitive and the UI is very good. The vendor offered very limited support for "self service" implementations. Professional services engagements were relatively costly though, so it is important to be aware of that and get quoted for a "full service" implementation if you don't want to invest too much time with internal resources. The SLAs of this product pretty much blew all others out of the water. Some products offered competing services but lacked a service maturity we saw with Symantec. This is specifically around cloud. There are on premises companies with very mature service models, but we were specifically trying to stay away from any on premises footprint for this. We are a conversion from FireEye. The difference in service is obvious right out of the gate. Reporting, documented response times, search capabilities within the platform are all years ahead of the FireEye interface.

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Email Quarantine with Symantec DLP - Balancing complexity and ease of use.

Symantec provided subject matter expertise to ensure the product capabilities meet the business objectives while balancing the security requirements.


Symantec Email

World class product going down the drain.

MessageLabs was a pioneer and a leader in the field of secure email gateways. After getting acquired by Symantec, the product seems to have stopped evolving. Commodity malware routinely gets through. Priority 1 situations are not given the right level of attention by the support teams.