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OpenDNS Umbrella

Great product; easy to implement; great ROI

We purchased OpenDNS services BEFORE Cisco bought them. They have been a key component for our online preventative safely ALONG with reducing end user surfing. Their online user base has grown considerable intern has identified LOTS of categories to either block/allow along with malware and botnet sites. I HIGHLY recommend implementing this service at your organization. I have even implemented it at home with Children surfing.

Cisco Web Security Appliance

very secure and easy to configure

Very easy to manage and implement and very secure

Cisco Cloud Web Security, OpenDNS Umbrella

Great product works well and is not system resource heavy

Easy infrastructure implementation deployment to machines was a breeze

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Not as straight forward as expected but doing a good job

Product is doing what it's supposed to be doing but had to go through a redesign to make it work in our evironement.

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Easy to use and configure, support could be easier to obtain

Cisco had developed the Scansafe product into an easy to use and scale solution. I would like there to be a separate support structure for the product outside of the typical Cisco support model.

OpenDNS Umbrella

Solid umbrella boarder control solutions. Simply deployed and maintained.

Product lived up to vendor stated feature, function, and performance. All requirements of the product have been met with regard to umbrella boarder control in an easily deployed and maintained service.

Cisco Cloud Web Security, OpenDNS Umbrella

Umbrella stops viruses and ransomware BEFORE it gets to your users' PCs.

Product leverages OpenDNS proven security expertise, provides performance analytics, and is easy to deploy and manage.

Cisco Web Security Appliance

Powerful product, requires documentation to fully understand/take advantage of features

I manage this product well after it was implemented by someone else. Cisco's documentation is prolific and extremely detailed for anyone wishing to troubleshoot or learn how to manage/implement changes effectively.

Cisco Web Security Appliance

Scaling issues for our large enterprise

product and recommended vendor architecture did not scale to our environment. Had to switch vendors/product mid-stream.


Lot of functionality, great product with AMP module

Great product especially with AMP module, easy to implement as IDS