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Lot of functionality, great product with AMP module

Great product especially with AMP module, easy to implement as IDS

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Implementation was easy but cloud service could use a little more polish.

Cisco has been a good, strategic partner. Our salesperson is not pushy on selling product but rather tries to understand my company and offers ideas in ways Cisco can help.

OpenDNS Umbrella

Implementation was easy, easy to get benefit for what we wanted

Vendor was detailed oriented and provided help along the way to solve any challenges we faced.

OpenDNS Umbrella

Web Based with a Local VA

OpenDNS has led to a great improvement in the network security of our university. It has reduced malware and permitted us to systematically eliminate malicious attacks on certain clients in our infrastrcture.

Cisco Cloud Web Security, Cisco Web Security Appliance

Implementation was Easy. Strong support, Easy to Manage, Exceeding Expectations

Overall the expereince with the product is great. We did were engaged with their product team for the very begining to help us implement this product. There were a few misses that could have been avoided regarding managebility internally. But this would be the fault of both the Vendor and ourselves.

OpenDNS Umbrella

Easy to implement and highly reliable

Easy to work with the vendor.

OpenDNS Umbrella

Simple, Reliable web filtering.

The product provides basic category based filtering for user based web access. There have been significant improvements in the reporting capabilities of the platform over the last year which shows a willingness to invest in the solution. Installation/Configuration is extremely simple as is ongoing administration. We have experienced no outages at all in the availability of any component of the service.