Forcepoint (Websense)

3.7 out of 5 (20 Ratings)

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Implementation was as expected, but some expectations not met

Baseline features worked OK. Just wished some other key features worked better and with less issues, like identifying userids and transparent proxy mode.


Fair solution for DLP and content filtering

Overall, not bad. However, some support cases drag on far too long. Additionally, there are occasional instances where gaps in the blacklists are found or an update broke our web filtering.

Websense Secure Gateway

Implemenation was straight forward however technical training is highly recommended

The support that we receive from our TAM and account manager is great and they do follow-up on outstanding issues. We have had our own share of issues when it comes to managing the appliances however that is primarily related to the outsourcing of our operations and their lack of knowledge. There have been some re-categorization issues with some domain however we quickly learned to prevent critical domains from being affected by the wrong categorization that we needed to whitelist them. We have had excellent support when issues do arise and our TAM has always tried his best to make sure he was able to address the issues head on or involve another senior technical contact to assist us.


Good Product, Lacking in Support

Product works within expected range, but support is severely lacking.


Forcepoint Web filtering is great

The Vendor Forcepoint is great. Their re-seller is a waste of time


Ready out of the Box

We have used Forcepoint since it was Surf Control. They just keep getting better.


Implementation difficult. Hundreds of hours spent modifying rules to fix apps it breaks!

1) Only one Super administrator can sign in to make changes and support all the users at once. This significantly hinders our ability to scale enterprise use of the solution across hundreds of facilities as desired. 2) IWA rules based authentication for user identification as well as SSL decryption require many exception rules to be created and require significant time troubleshooting applications and sites that are not compatible with Kerberos auth and/or SSL man-in-the-middle inspection.


Powerful and scalable product that is easy to implement and administer.

Excellent enterprise level support. Great product with lots of functionality and strengths. A scalable and granular product that allows us to control security ranging from the overall large employee base down to indivdual users and groups.


Full-featured, with simplified deployment and management

We have had great experiences with Forcepoint/Websense, and have had no major issues during this deployment.


Implementation and functionality is great, but their support could be better.....

Our Websense devices work well. They are extremely easy to manage, and we can make changes on the fly without impacting productivity. The only issue we have is performing maintenance to it. Lots of things are locked down to where the only users that can do certain things to it are Forcepoint (Websense) support engineers. Their support is hit or miss. Sometimes we can open a ticket and receive a phone caall within a few hours. Other times, we open a ticket and it takes weeks to hear from someone. Some of their engineers know their product, while others can stand some time off the phones and in the training center.