Intel Security (McAfee)

4.7 out of 5 (9 Ratings)

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McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service

McAfee secures our Web Gateway

Timely updates and good support.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Easy implementation and very good integration with endpoints

Good flexibility to implement our requirements and changes during the project in a very short time


Real eye opener

McAfee/Intel were great to work with

McAfee Web Protection

Product continues to evolve and expand in functionality and has proved its value.

The vendor in terms of this product provides excellent support and continued growth in the McAfee Web Gateway product. The vendor continues to evolve and keep up to or surpass other competitive products' functionality. We have been very happy with the continued growth and support. We highly recommend the product to other colleagues.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, McAfee Web Protection

Extremely flexible product with excelent detection capabilities

Very few web-based security incidents based upon the protection provided.

McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, McAfee Web Protection

Implementation was smooth, some new features need to be added and are on the roadmap

The overall implementation has been successful and the product is performing as we expected and allows for very granular control of web traffic. Overall we are very happy with the product and how it performs

McAfee Web Protection

Easy to implement, fast UI, has plethora of controls

McAfee Secure Web gateway product is very easy to implement and run. The product interface is well designed, easey to use and make it easy to implement policies. We are able to manager multiple gateways including those that are deployed overseas with a single central management console.

McAfee Web Protection

Extremely capable platform. It just works.

Extremely smooth migration. Easy to reflect all business policies in the rule set. Supports all the different auth. methods we required. Integration with all the existing Infrastructure was a breeze. A great step forward for our ability to reflect requirements from the Security/Risk department on the Web Gateway. Simplified administration in a global cluster with role based access, much quicker to get new solutions/improvements out to the user.

McAfee Web Protection

Needs overhaul.

The product works, but at this point the technology platform needs to be refreshed.