Symantec (Blue Coat)

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Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

One of our most utilized tools

The tool has worked well and no complaints.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Implementation was easy, and maintainence straight forward.

The relationship with the vendor has been excellent. The product has worked with limited to no issues. We have been able to resolve all challenges in a very timely manner.

Blue Coat Cloud-Delivered Web Security

Fast implementation in the cloud and rich features available is crucial

Overall happy with the service

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Comprehensive solution to enforce policy on user sessions to the internet

The company provides excellent customer service and a great product.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

ProxySG is a Valuable Solution in Defense in Depth

Blue Coat (Symantec) currently has the best in class security and user experience execution in the Secure Web Gateway market. This comes at a steep cost, but also offers considerable value if the solutions are implemented and managed correctly. Maintaining a good relationship with our SE has been a main part of the value we've gotten out of the solution. Sales teams have been among the most aggressive out of all of our vendors. Overall, we are satisfied with the solutions, security, and service we receive from Blue Coat.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Proxy SG security, protection at the expense of complexity

This product proved to be much more complex than our organization needed.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Powerful and Flexible

Bluecoat/Symantec has provided top-notch technical support for all of the products that we use, from configuration to end-user experience. The ProxySG S-500s are powerful and flexible boxes that provide content filtering and caching for our 100,000+ students and staff.

Blue Coat Content Analysis System, Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

PrxoySG & CAS - Best in area

Bluecoat Proxy appliance does all the job. Not just enables corporate access to internet but mainly works as security and compliance tool for risk accessment and SMT reporting.

Blue Coat Content Analysis System, Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

The ProxySG System provide a flexible and advance Architecute

Blue Coat proxy is the leader in Proxy technology and provide a very stable and agile services.

Blue Coat Content Analysis System, Blue Coat Hybrid Web & Cloud Security, Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance, Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance, Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform

Symantec Blue Coat products offer reliable web security on and off premise

Symantec Blue Coat offer reliable products to protect end user browsing on and off premise. Their customer support is excellent throughout implementation and during normal operation. All of their appliances easily integrates with each other and help to protect users against viruses, compromised sites, and malware. The Management Console helps the administrator standardize and quickly update security policies throughout the organization. The Reporter appliance allows for a high level of visibility of end user traffic on premise and on the cloud.