Symantec (Blue Coat)

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Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

SWG - Performance, Reliability and Support Problems

It hasn't worked out that good. It was a solution that looked viable at the time it was implemented with a strong influence from our peers at EU. We have had many issues with the PAC files, routing, performance, and last but not least support.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Great features and easy to implement

We have been using Bluecoat for over 10 years and are very happy with them.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

ProxySG has provided a safe and stable environment that we can count on

My overall experience has been totally satisfied. We found the configuration and installation to be very easy to follow. Help from the Symantec support team made things even easier, by supplying us with Best Practice information when configuring. By having our SE onsite was a great feature, it provided us with a well-rounded person with a strong security background. We were able to install 14 Proxy appliances company-wide. We do have a mix of SG600, SG400, and ASG. Management Center has also been a great time saver for us. We are able to manage all of our proxies from one management GUI interface. It also allows us to use one VPM (Policy) and push to all Proxy Appliances. There was no need to have multiple VPMs. Big time saver for us. Management Center was a breeze to install and on VM server and hit the ground running. We have multiple Divisions in our company who wanted specific rules for their own division. We did this by using the Proxy Layer Guarding. This is how we created one global VPM that can be pushed onto each proxy with no issues. all of the proxies also all run the same IOS code version. We did have stumbling blocks along the way, but we overcame those with lots of testing. Another key feature we enjoy is Trace and Packet Capture on the appliances. It saves us a lot of time when it comes to troubleshooting. It also has the ability to let us upload our Trace, Packet Captures etc. right to the support team at Symantec. For the Symantec support team, we cannot say enough. They have provided top notch support to us. They never turn away any of the tough challenges we brought to them. Our SE is another great wealth of information, he visits often to our company to be sure we are happy and jumps right in when we have any outstanding issues.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

One of our most utilized tools

The tool has worked well and no complaints.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Implementation was easy, and maintainence straight forward.

The relationship with the vendor has been excellent. The product has worked with limited to no issues. We have been able to resolve all challenges in a very timely manner.

Blue Coat Cloud-Delivered Web Security

Fast implementation in the cloud and rich features available is crucial

Overall happy with the service

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Comprehensive solution to enforce policy on user sessions to the internet

The company provides excellent customer service and a great product.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

ProxySG is a Valuable Solution in Defense in Depth

Blue Coat (Symantec) currently has the best in class security and user experience execution in the Secure Web Gateway market. This comes at a steep cost, but also offers considerable value if the solutions are implemented and managed correctly. Maintaining a good relationship with our SE has been a main part of the value we've gotten out of the solution. Sales teams have been among the most aggressive out of all of our vendors. Overall, we are satisfied with the solutions, security, and service we receive from Blue Coat.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Proxy SG security, protection at the expense of complexity

This product proved to be much more complex than our organization needed.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliance

Powerful and Flexible

Bluecoat/Symantec has provided top-notch technical support for all of the products that we use, from configuration to end-user experience. The ProxySG S-500s are powerful and flexible boxes that provide content filtering and caching for our 100,000+ students and staff.