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Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

Great provider of security awareness training.

The training was really easy to implement. The admin console was very user friendly and easy to learn. The phishing campaign is a great feature and helped us to see where our weaknesses lie. Customer service issues and inquiries are always answered promptly. The training content is great and improves each version. They just started a new partnership that increases their training library significantly, with a ton of job-specific training videos, interactive games, and other great content. The reporting features and customization of the admin dashboards could be a lot more robust. Some obvious tasks like spearphishing senior leadership requires a lot of extra work and isn't user friendly. A lot of the views on the admin side are too simple and make things like viewing users in specific groups impossible or incredibly time consuming. Reporting capabilities are too simples as well. To get any deep level of reporting I have to pull the raw data and make pivot tables. A lot of new content is released with minimal instructions, suggestions or best practices ideas for implementation.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

Great security training with minimal setup time

Very good offerings of security training and nice online learning system.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

A Great Tool for Addressing the Weakest Link of Our Security Concerns - Our Users

The solution (testing our users for their ability to identify and resist the temptation to fall for e-mail phishing scams) is very appropriate and comprehensive. It is intuitive to use and includes great educational and evaluation components. It also allows us a lot of flexibility in crafting phishing campaigns to test our users. The phishing examples we can choose from are plentiful and representative of phishing scams in the real world. The company offers easily accessed support which is very responsive and effective. We have been very happy with our results in training our users. We have reduced our users' "clicks" from 28% (baseline) to 7% to 4.5% in the first three months of implementation.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program

KnowBe4 training and phishing tests surpassed our expectations.

KnowBe4 provided excellent documentation and guidance. Their platform and training modules, combined with the capability to perform phishing tests, made this the right choice for us. There are frequent updates and advice on tactics is readily available from their support staff.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program

Up and running in no time - training users with life like examples

Overall everything has been simple, easy to manage and implement. On the occasion you require support, they are prompt and get to resolution. Biggest challenge has been managing users in the system. Today there is a new feature that can help with this. Will be taking a look at that.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program

Easy to setup and use. Software caught users who we thne targeted with training.

Very professional and helpful company. Software easy to setup and use.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program

The one "must buy" service in user education

Very easy to deal with, good cost model, able to pilot before we bought, very supportive post purchase. Has met the need to drive employee awareness on the risks of cyber crime.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

Implementation was easy as well as managing all campaigns.

Overall I am pleased with the product.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training, Knowbe4 USB Drive Test, Phish Alert

Great Company, Amazing Staff!

One of the best vendor experiences I have ever encountered. From Sales to Implementation, the staff at KnowB4 are the most friendly and knowledgable people you can ask for making the entire experience a true delight.

Enterprise Awareness Training Program, Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training

Great Service That Meets Social Engineering Training Needs

The service is easy to understand and use, yet supplies enough relevant information. Administration training included best practices and deployment scenarios. Excellent follow up for any questions and additional training on the service.