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Adaptive Security Library

Want a vendor that listens to your needs around Information Security Awareness!

This was my first venture in an online security awareness provider. Working with MediaPro I never felt rushed, never felt pressured and was given the time to explain my situation. Very much appreciated.


Adaptive Privacy Library

We raised the degree of difficulty in developing training materials, but MediaPro pulled everything together and made delivery and implementation possible.

We have worked with and will continue to work with MediaPro on additional training materials and awareness messages. They are a trusted partner that continuously over delivers on difficult assignments with tight deadlines.

Adaptive Privacy Library

Solid training offering that is easy to customize.

MediaPro has an established training methodology with applicable examples. It also offers a configurable product that makes it easy to tailor the examples to our culture and industry. The vendor was very accommodating in making the customizations ensure we had a product that satisfied requirements for a global company with a complex infrastructure.

Adaptive Compliance Library, Adaptive Security Library

Great product, easy to use and gave us great results.

The project team was flexible, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Adaptive Privacy Library, Adaptive Security Library

Implementation was successful and we are happy with results.

Program has reduced risk for our firm by creating a security-aware culture.