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PhishMe Simulator

Good Product, getting there on support

PhishMe training was straightforward, and their documentation sound. Community experience is still a little lacking, but growing.

PhishMe Reporter, PhishMe Simulator

Great product for the price, was a little immature early on. Product is much better now.

We have owned this product for several years, early on doing some of the custom scenarios where challenging. The vendor was always ready to assist when needed. We had several calls with support early on during deployment and they were always able to answer any questions we had.

PhishMe Triage

Implementation was straightforward and the solution meets our needs

Overall the solution has worked well for our needs.

PhishMe Reporter, PhishMe Simulator

Implementation was straight forward and you can get immediate value out of the simulations

The scenarios and training are great and have been received well within the organization. We are getting great metrics out of the dashboard as well.

PhishMe Simulator

Helpful product out of the box, great product with dedicated internal resources/people

The program has really helped us add metrics to things that we see on a daily basis based on our end users. We hope to continue to expand our PhishMe usage in the future for even better results.


PhishMe Reporter, PhishMe Simulator, PhishMe Triage

Excellent product and look forward to the future improvments. Has excellent potential.

very pleased with the vendor and their close relationship they mainain with the customer.

PhishMe Simulator

Easy implementation with great support

Very easy implementation. The templates they provide are great, and anything they lack can be built fairly easily. Some of the included training materials are a little weak.

PhishMe Simulator

First impressions

overall really great. Would like more templates on the simulator.

PhishMe Simulator

PhishMe Review

- attentive -Helpful -Innovative

PhishMe Reporter, PhishMe Simulator

Very easy implementation

very easy implementation, support has been great