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Something Phishy

Engaging content that sticks with viewers.

Popcorn Training's presentation of content resonates among our teams, being humorous, somewhat cheeky, and ultimately engaging. Training video completion rates have been on target month over month. The results from an internal review and participant feedback are that folk's retention of concepts and even details or broad throughout the company. The LMS administration itself is a little cumbersome at times and lacks an API for automatic adds and deletes of employees. In my view, the effect is inconsequential to achieving my goals for the security awareness program. For a large organization, though, the management of users in the LMS is likely to be more than an inconvenience.

Secure Coding, Something Phishy

Best in class training provider.

An amazing experience from start to finish, Popcorn understood our business needs were easy to deal with and made some very good suggestions. They over delivered on all aspects of the contract and I will use them in the future.

Something Phishy, Other...

Practical delivery and continuous innovation delivered in a strategic partnership

Highly co-operative and accomodating; Fresh new ideas; Good content base; Not shy to get things working; Elways loking for improvement opportunities.

Secure Coding, Something Phishy

The voice in the storm.

Use of the content and its relevance is greatly complimented within the user base. It is a fresh approach considering that our bank is driving a strong digital strategy for our customers. The only part letting us down is getting "air time" to prioritise this as we opted not to introduce it as a compulsory set of training topics but rather a "participate to win".


Security awareness made easy.

Videos provided the necessary information required to educate the staff. I always felt supported by Popcorn, no matter how ridiculous my request.