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SANS Securing the Human

Useful security training and phishing tests, but more customization would be nice.

We implemented Securing the Human Security Awareness online training and their Email Phishing bundle. The security training is fairly basic, but I have gotten pretty good feedback from many of our users. They did learn some things. We have had issues with some users using Internet Explorer. The phishing tests have been interesting, but they are currently using a third party for it and it's functionality is very basic. There's almost no customization. They will provide a nice PDF report at the end of each campaign and spreadsheets with the results. It works well enough, but some additional customization and live reports would be helpful. Their tech support usually responds within 24 hours and are usually helpful. I have had some issues with the ACLP portal though and it's not as user friendly as one might expect.

SANS Securing the Human, SANS Training Program for CISSP Certification

An excellent, not perfect training provider.

SANS provided a thoughtful and complete training solution for technical staff and for end users with Securing the Human. As we adopt a security first strategy it helped technical staff understand basic tenants of a secure enterprise. It also helped them understand that security is not a goal but a process. The end user training has shown demonstratable benefits by reducing the incidence of successful phishing attacks.

SANS Securing the Human

User Engagement Effortlessly

SANS being a well recognized name and standard in security, we found this tool to provide us with a platform that is easy to manage and configure while engaging our users.

SANS Securing the Human

Happy Admins, Happy Users, Happy Auditors

The implementation went quite smoothly; we had a couple of hiccups, but we knew that an on-prem implementation ran a higher risk of challenges. End users were very receptive to the training, and have indicated that they found it valuable.

SANS Securing the Human

Implementation was easy - courses were directly applicable for each student that was sent.

Real World experienced instructors that were excellent communicators and interacted well with the dynamics of the group of students.

SANS Securing the Human

Implementation was simple and afforable

We have simple tools, and lack executive support - this product allows us to implement manual and low-cost processes to fit our current situation.

SANS Securing the Human

Works great once configured and deployed

From an end user perspective, the products works great. Modular training sessions, good flexibility for users to complete modules in a piecemeal fashion, and good email communication. From an administrator standpoint, the platform is a bit difficult to work with as the integration of the features are non-intutive. It reminds me of "spaghetti code".

SANS Training Program for CISSP Certification

Online tech training

so far using the system was very smooth and all the training was very acturate and met our expections

SANS Securing the Human, Other...


Generally good training. A bit too much regulatory-focus, with some practical securitiy information. Focusing on the end-used and making security more interesting is a challenge. Continued focus and improvement in this area is of great interest to my organization.

SANS Securing the Human

Sans training meets the mark

Vendor package met needs and was not difficult to secure through procurement process.