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SANS Securing the Human

Works great once configured and deployed

From an end user perspective, the products works great. Modular training sessions, good flexibility for users to complete modules in a piecemeal fashion, and good email communication. From an administrator standpoint, the platform is a bit difficult to work with as the integration of the features are non-intutive. It reminds me of "spaghetti code".

SANS Training Program for CISSP Certification

Online tech training

so far using the system was very smooth and all the training was very acturate and met our expections

SANS Securing the Human, Other...


Generally good training. A bit too much regulatory-focus, with some practical securitiy information. Focusing on the end-used and making security more interesting is a challenge. Continued focus and improvement in this area is of great interest to my organization.

SANS Securing the Human

Sans training meets the mark

Vendor package met needs and was not difficult to secure through procurement process.

SANS Securing the Human

Easy to implement security awareness training for end users.

The training works very well. I do wish we could integrate it with our Active Directory and that it would be a little more interactive. But for the price it can't be beaten.

SANS Securing the Human

Customer success team was exceptional; needs administrative reporting to complete product capabilities.

SANS securing the human has a new platform, the ACLP. The ACLP is a very user-friendly interface for both end users and administrators. The customer success team was exceptional and really understood our business needs. Implementation was straightforward. Roll out was good and ongoing administration has been well supported. Very good product, very good support. Needs some work on reporting and the ability of the administrator to do some self-owned tasks.

SANS Securing the Human

Content is great, minor implementation curves.

The content is superb.

SANS Securing the Human

Great product and one that I would recommend to others.

Overall, it's been a good relationship in both initial set up and ongoing support. There were a couple of times that customer service needed to be involved and they resolved the issues to our satisfaction.

SANS Securing the Human

We were early adopters of Securing The Human and we're going to make security great again.

The videos, being brief and to the point, garner positive feedback from our user (students, staff, faculty). The training modules are customizable into specific subgroups. Shibboleth integration worked very well, so accounts are authenticated in our environment. The reporting interface is currently not as simple as we would like. Adding new individual users is a multi-step manual process for us currently, but there is a batch upload process. Removal of users is simple, and yes, we recover the license/seat when removing a user. We also obtained branded posters, screensavers that are connected to the STH content. The Help site is very useful, (securingthehuman.sans.org/vlehelp/resources/automated-help), and Support requests are handled quickly. Supports assistive technologies!

SANS Securing the Human

Implementation was smooth and customer service above par!

We implemented SANS Securing the Human training in 2014 and recently reimplemented in 2016 with the new ACLP platform. SANS has always been receptive to suggestions and has done a wonderful job incorporating feedback in new features they roll out. They take great pride in their service and product. Danielle, Director of Client Operations, is fantastic to work with. She has excellent customer relations skills!