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Security Mentor Security Awareness Training Program

Smooth implementation, would like integrated testing capabilities

Overall the expereience has been very good. We have received consistenly postive feeedback from our associates regarding the lessons, both about the format and the content.

Security Mentor ADVANCED, Security Mentor CORE

Simple, Easy, Affective!

Security Mentor has been great to work with. They were very helpful with the implementation and have provided great support and assistance with making updates/changes to some of the trainging to make it more specific to our needs.

Security Mentor CORE

Single click authentication creating a seamless user experience all the while making training fun.

SSO implementation very smooth, main issue is language support, very limited today, some content is stale.

Security Mentor CORE

Ease of implementation and Superior Content

Our experience was great. We enjoyed a very easy deployment and the support was superb

Security Mentor CORE

Training to meet today's security concerns.

Security Mentor was readily available to implement training based on our needs for deployment.

Security Mentor ADVANCED, Security Mentor CORE

Security Mentor raises organizational awareness through interactive lesson & gamification.

We have turned our workforce into a human intrusion detection system while reducing costs and work effort. Overall, the product and vendor have exceeded our expectations, delivering a level of service that few of our partners can match. They have white gloved the service from ADFS SSO integration to automating the process of provisioning users. Due to the interactivity of the lessons (requiring users to actually participate vs watching videos) has driven our awareness levels to an all-time high. We now consider our users as another intrusion detection system. Because we chose their SaaS based offering and due to their excellent customer support, we have been able to deliver a quality service to our organization and also save FTE in doing so.